Beauty: customization trend and brands to check out

I think there is no doubt that we live in a super diversified world. There are people of all colors, of all biotypes, of all weights – of all beliefs, of all values. It is no news to anyone that we are going through a certain revolution: we are seeing minorities demanding their rights, women trying to fight standards imposed by the media. What happens in the world, directly influences the market, that needs to adapt to the changes and follow the trends of the moment. I have noticed a trend here in the USA in the beauty market: the customization of products. Renowned brands are trying to offer products that increasingly meet customers’ needs – after all, with so much diversity, you can not offer a foundation with only 5 shades options, right? There are also other companies that are launching themselves on the market with the DIY philosophy. I think that this concept is cool and interesting and I decided to share here with you examples of some brands that are doing it – maybe you can enjoy your trip to New York and know some of them?

Ktchn Apothecary –  Ktchn Apothecary launched the 1st DIYFacial Moisturizer Kit you make fresh at home, with 3x more nutrient-rich extracts that promises a youthful glow skin in just 3 days. It’s like Blue Apron of skin care, with ingredients like aloe and restorative oils. The moisturizer is mighty enough to hydrate extra-dry skin — yet non-greasy, perfect for combination and oily skin. You can even buy the kit or get a membership to receive the ingredients from time to time. More information on the website.

Oleum Vera – Oleum Vera is another brand that is focusing on this segment and offers different kits for you to make your own products (for hair, body and face). Each Oleum Vera kit contains a 4-month supply (or more!) of organic, high-quality ingredients. There are 6 options: cleansing, moisturizing, body care, hair care, spa day and men. The box is perfect, beautiful and it also comes with a beauty recipes book. Each kit is $75 on average, and considering that you have a +4 month supply, it worths! . More information on the website.

Function of Beauty -What if you could personalize your shampoo and conditioner? This is Function of Beauty main idea. You answer a quiz and select your hair type, pick your goals and choose the color and fragrance in bottles with your name, soooo cute! Duo starts at U$32 with free shipping and there are 12 billion combinations, with formulas that are cruelty free, and have no paraben and no sulfate. It’s a great option to gift someone too!  More information on the website.

BIY Blend It Yourself Pigment Drops – a Clinique product, the formula has pure pigment drops to mix with moisturizer, create custom coverage. Transform your favorite moisturizer into a BB, CC or fuller-coverage foundation. One drop of Clinique BIY Blend It Yourself Pigment Drops creates sheer cover. Two or three, a flawless finish. Since Clinique BIY takes on the finish of the moisturizer you blend it with, expect a more matte finish with a mattifying moisturizer. For all skin types. You can find it at Macy’s.


CoverGirl Custom Blend –  CoverGirl, has combined technology and beauty with the use of the Custom Blend App. It scans your face, finds your perfect shade, and lets you order a customized bottle sent right to your door. Downlod the app.

Last  but not least! Since a while, Bite has been working with this customized trend. The brand has a store here in New York – Bite Lip Lab – where you can make your own lipstick. You can choose the color, the textura and even the fragrance. 174 Prince Street.

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