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Create Your Own Perfume in New York

Custom products seems to be a trend that has come to stay – more and more, brands have invested in offering this possibility to the customer. Leaving a store with something that has a personal touch provides a shopping experience more special and fun. Clothing, accessories, and cosmetics brands have invested in it. In the beauty market in New York, there are several options to customize your product – and you can check a post I wrote about it by clicking here. And, for those who like this type of shopping experience, the city has one more option: Olfactory. I learned about the store through Martha Sachser’s Instagram – she discovered the place by accident and showed it on her Insta Stories. I was delighted with the concept and had to go check it out

Opened at the end of 2017, Olfactory works with a very interesting concept: offering luxury fragrances at affordable prices. There are two ways to shop at Olfactory. The first one is to choose one of the store’s options, which are created by the best perfumers in the world, using the highest quality natural and sustainable ingredients found in the best luxury brands. The perfumers who developed the 9 options of Olfactory are world-renowned – and many have developed famous perfumes in the market.

The other way to shop is by personalizing your fragrance. You start by choosing one of the fragrances from the Olfactory collection that you like best and can customize it by adding specific notes that will leave the perfume with your personality. As you can see from the photos above, each Olfactory fragrance has an information frame chart you can see which combination of notes is best with that fragrance.

In addition, the bottle can be personalized with your name, leaving the perfume even more personal. I loved the idea! It is worth remembering that the perfumes last almost 24 hours, due to the concentration and the high presence of essential oils. Perfumes cost $50 (store options) and $ 75 (for custom options). Remember that the customization process does not take much time – it depends more on you and your decision-making process. Olfactory perfumes are bottled in the store at the time of purchase, which ensures a much fresher product.

The store is at 281 Mott Street.

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