Who is Laura?

It’s funny how it’s easy writing about almost everything, but, when you have to use words to talk about yourself, it doesn’t work. But, let’s try!

 I am from Brazil, from Santa Catarina state. I’ve graduated as a Journalist and also studied social media. In January 2014, I moved to New York City with my husband, because he got a job here as a software engineer. Since then, I started to write about the city on my blog – which was focused in fashion and beauty before – and on my Youtube channel. This experience has been amazing! New York offers me a lot of subjects and Brazilian people love this place. So, people started to use my blog to search about tips, what to do, when to go, where to shop… and here I am! In October 2015 I’ve decided that would be great to start writing the posts in English too, because the world is huge right?  I hope you liked my posts – and don’t be mad if you see some English grammar mistake!

Besides my blog, I share tips on my channel on YouTube, Instagram (laura_peruchi) and in a group on Facebook.

To talk to me, just send an email to  laura@lauraperuchi.com

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Notisul – 01/12/2014


Amorim – 03/22/2015


Journalism Course Magazine – Unisul march/2015

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Viajar pelo Mundo Magazine – July/2015

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Unisul – TV – September/2015

Nós de Trinta – September/2015

NY Tips Brasil

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