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Wardrobe essentials every New York girl has on her closet

It’s okay: style is something very personal and we can not put everyone in the same basket when it comes to making a classification, right? But, we have to admit that there are certain peculiarities, details, pieces or prints that are more prevalent in a region, city or country. This happens for several factors, from the city’s lifestyle to the weather. In Brazil and Latin America, prints and warm colors are successful, but we will certainly see regional differences.

But what about New York? I usually say that Big Apple is a very free city – here is the place for you to dare, to wear whatever you want without being judged, to color your hair, to wear that different shoe. However, in the style subject, there are also certain characteristics. When I studied trend forecasting at FIT, I learned a lot about it. But, the exercise of watching also helps. I’ve been to San Francisco three times in California, and after a few trips, I realized that California’s style is, in fact, different from New York’s. Do you know the most important detail in the style of those who live here? The predominance of black. You can observe: a lot of people here wear black (predominantly in winter, but also in summer). And there are also pieces that are essential, basic, and end up appearing in the outfits of many people. In today’s post, I present some of them and, I confess: from the list below, I just do not have my pair of rain boots yet! As a reference, I researched a lot of fashion websites and also used my own analysis on the streets of the city.

Skinny Jeans  – A classic, right? These jeans that fit you just from the waist to the ankle looks gorgeous with everything: either with a crop top, loose-fitting shirt, with a t-shirt or even underneath the trench coat. I often say that jeans that fit you perfect are jeans for life – no matter how much it costs.Rebecca Dark Wash Denim Skinny Jeans, Tobi.

White t-shirt – I learned from a friend that “every self-respecting fashionista has to have three t-shirts in the closet: one white, one black and one gray.” In fact, these colors are very classic and versatile and mix with everything. The white, in particular, is great for summer. Do you remember something more practical than a white T-shirt and denim shorts? You will see a lot on the streets of New York. Break of Dawn White Tee, Tobi.

Rain boots -New Yorkers style is very practical. Most people go back and forth by subway and we have to deal with blizzards and rains. At these times, there are no shoes more practical than the rain boots. Avoid slipping and falling down and lets you keep up with the fast walking without worrying about getting your feet wet. Rain boots Tommy Hilfiger.

Ankle Boot – It’s that boot that mixes with everything: shorts, dress, pants and skirt. Here in New York, everyone uses it, either in a flat version or with a high heel. What I see mostly here is an outfit matching the boots with leather pants and a leather jacket. And it is not restricted to winter – there are those who wear these boots in the summer on the coolest days. Mafalda, Aldo.

White sneaker– it has become my favorite item last summer. Yes, summer – and if you’re around here then you’ll see a lot of people using it. There were days when I preferred to wear sneakers than flip flops. White sneakers got a fashion status and I confess I always think how a new piece will match my sneakers.  Bertie, Steve Madden.

Leather pants -One of the easiest ways to change a winter outfit is by wearing leather pants – and yes, it can be fake ones. New Yorkers always wear either with a super coat or with a jacket, matching with sneakers or boots. H&M pants.

Destroyed jeans -I think this is the favorite jeans here, even more than skinny jeans. It’s amazing how girls love the destroyed jeans – even in winter. There’s always someone wearing it! I confess that sometimes I do not even understand how they can handle the cold weather with such pants. I think those pants are beautiful, but I can only wear it in mid-season or summer.  Super Low Jegging, American Eagle Outfitters.

Leather jacket – Another classic, never goes out of style – and predominates in winter outfits in New York. You can wear it with a white t-shirt or a sweater. As I mentioned before, the all black and full leather outfit is pretty common here.  Elida Moto Jacket, Tobi, U$110.

Trench coat -Is there a coat more charming than the trench coat? I I love it, but the piece is also constant in the outfits here. Although people love black, this nude/beige color is well liked. It’s a timeless piece that you can use a lot during the fall here and also in winter if the thermometer is not setting freezing temperatures. Abroad Trench Coat, Madewell.

Winter parka -When I moved to New York, I came with a couple of woolen jackets. Then I bought one or two more. I insisted on the idea of looking beautiful under my coat and outside. After a while, you learn that you can not follow this idea … last winter, I bought a heavy coat, those that are not glamorous, but that protect you from the weather and the wind. And it turns to your pet: you do not want to be cold, so you spend a good part of the winter ignoring the other coats in your closet. And that means investment. I paid $100 for my coat – but I know one from a brand like Canada Goose or The North Face are investments for life.  Trilium Parka, Canada Goose.

Denim jacket  – Is the perfect piece for the mild days, when we feel that breeze in the late afternoon. It matches everything, it gives a casual look and never goes out of style. Denim Fraya Bones Jacket, Tobi

Did everything seem too basic for you? See the pictures above, clicked in New York …. do you think these outfits are not stylish? A New Yorker always adds her personal touch – and the charm turns out to be the accessories. You can see that the pieces are classic, neutral and easy to match with each other, right? They reflect  the style of the city, which requires practicality in the day to day, to deal with the rush, with the extreme temperatures, with public transport routine and the long walks …

Did you like it? Check out Tobi’s website to see more stylish items!

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