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Traveling to Paris: things we did in the French capital

Let’s go to the second part of our trip to Europe? We were in London and Paris in early June and I already told you here on the blog about the things we did in London – click here to check the post – and also about the restaurants where we eat – click here to check it out. After 5 days in London, we left for Paris and stayed 4 days there. We went with an Eurostar train – and it is a practical and fast option! The tip is to buy in advance. The trip is fast – about 2 hours and a half – and the trains are super punctual and comfortable. As some of you know, my sister, Meiry, is living in Paris since 2014 and she is also a photographer there – click here to check out her work. This was not our first time in town – I’d been there twice, one with Thiago. Thus, Meiry separated several great and not obvious places for us to visit, without much focus on the more traditional sights. The days were beautiful, the weather too, and I confess that I came back from Paris in love … Now, check out the highlights of our trip!

Photoshoot – I can not help myself about my sister’s work, obviously! I have recommended her many times. Of course I had already been clicked on by her too, but since she started doing photoshoots in Paris, I kept “wowing” over every photo she posted. Obviously we did not miss the opportunity and did an photoshoot (and also other clicks through the city – almost all photos of the post are hers!). From the beginning, she suggested that we wake up early to be in the Trocadéro – Eifffel Tower – at 6 AM, when the place is empty and the light is wonderful. I got up at 5 in the morning, did my hair and makeup and there we went. In addition to the Tower area, we also took some photos at the Louvre and the Pont des Arts. The result was incredible and nothing I write here will be enough to tell you how much I loved it. Thanks, Sister! To learn more about her work, just go to her website or her instagram. The contact email is 

Walking through the streets of Montmartre – Montmartre neighborhood is famous because of the Basilique de Sacré Coeur – which is in an elevated part of the city, and offers incredible views. A lot of people only visit the Basilica and that is it. The fact is that the residential streets that surround the streets will provide you a pleasant walk, with constructions of soft architecture and charming streets. I was delighted!

Jardin des Plantes – it is the Botanical Garden of Paris. It is next to the beautiful Mosque of Paris and hosts the complex of the Museum of Natural History. Although not “unknown”, it is not a very visited place by those who are in the city for the first time. The green space of the area is gigantic and, as June is the season of roses, the rose garden was especially wonderful. We walked for a long time and we were enjoying the calm of the end of the day.

Roseraie du Val-de-Marne – This rose garden is in theparc de la Roseraie, in the town of L’Haÿ-les-Roses, which is near Paris. I do not know if you know it, but Paris is not a big city, so you do not have to panic about it being out of town. It took us about 30 minutes to get there. You can go by public transport using the RER B to Bourg-la-Reine and then take bus 172 or 192 to the Sous-préfecture / Eglise stop. Ready: you’re already at one of the entrances to the park! And I guarantee: it’s worth it! There are 2900 species in more than 11,000 roses! It opens from mid-May to mid-September and the best times to visit are May and June. It was one of the most beautiful gardens I have ever been – not to mention that the place is super quiet, nothing crowded and sits in a beautiful park too. Admission costs € 3.10 per person and students pay half of it.

Parc de Belleville – Belleville is a no-frills neighborhood with many bars and also street arts. The high point is Parc de Belleville, which is in an elevated area and the view … what to talk about the view? Amazing! You can even see the Eiffel Tower from there. We were there one late afternoon and everyone was enjoying the beautiful day, and there was a musical performance. I was delighted!

Ballon Generali / Parc André Citroën – How about a balloon ride in Paris? Unfortunately, we were unable to do this because we waited until out last day and the wind conditions were not allowing the balloon to rise. Even so, I think it’s cool to leave the tip! The tour lasts 10 minutes and costs €12 per person. The balloon has capacity for 30 people and rises to a height of 120 meters. In addition, it is also responsible for measuring the quality of city air. The balloon leaves from Parc André Citroën and only the walk in the park is worth it! It is a park with a super modern footprint, beautiful, with good spaces for picnicking. Loved it!

Statue of Liberty – Seeing the Statue of Liberty in Paris was super iconic for me, since I live in New York. For those who do not know, the Statue of Liberty in NYC was a gift from France. In 1889, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the French Revolution, the US community in Paris offered the city a 22-meter bronze replica of the famous statue. It was installed on Île aux Cygnes (Isle of the Swans), an artificial island built on the Seine river between the 15th and 16th arrondissements of Paris. Initially, the statue was facing east, but in 1937, its orientation was modified and today it looks towards New York. A good spot to see it is the Pont Mirabeau. There are other replicas of the Statue of Liberty in Paris and they are in the Orsay Museum, the Jardin Luxembourg, the Museum des Arts et Métiers and Place d’Alma.

Rue Montorgueil – To finish, I really wanted to recommend this street! It is full of restaurants selling everything: pizza, falafel, sandwiches, ice cream … As it was spring and the day was very pleasant, there were several tables and each one can buy their food and sit there. We bought some things, an ice-cold wine, and went to eat under a Nelson Mandela garden tree. This is a very cool area of the city. A great place there, besides the garden itself, is to get to know the Saint-Eustache church.

Did you like it? I wanted to thank my sister Meiry for being the best host we could have in Paris and the most wonderful photographer there is!To learn more about her work, just go to her website or her instagram. The contact email is 

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