Travel souvenirs: Photo book tip

What is the coolest way to perpetuate memories from a trip? Souvenirs and small collectible items can be good options for you to remember that special city – who never bought an item I love NY, a mini Eiffel Tower or anything like that cast the first stone. But the photos are still the coolest souvenir from a trip, right? They allow us to travel in time and remember all the places we visited, sometimes even the sensations we feel, bring up memories of those unforgettable days. I’m philosophical, I know, but the truth is that the best things money can buy are experiences – and trips are enriching experiences.

But living in this digital age where everything comes down to digital cameras – from mobile, tablet, compact camera, professional camera – and social networks – Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat – printed photos have become increasingly scarce, right? A pity: I love to print photos and see them, in my hands. And if you’re like me, you’ll love today’s tip: beautiful photo books at affordable prices. And no, this is not a advertising: it is simply an indication of a service that I used and approved. I know photo books can be very expensive in Brazil, so I thought it was cool to write here on the blog about this service – actually, it’s a great choice of gift as well. In July last year, I traveled to Paris with my mother, and after the trip is over, we had a lot of great shots that did not deserve only the digital format. Then I decided to make a photo book for my mother at Christmas and found My Publisher, a company expert in it, based in New York. I loved the result – and she loved this – so I thought cool indicate that service here.

Photo books start at $3 (for minibooks) and there are various sizes and shapes, sheets and finishes. The process is very cool and totally self service style. The first step is to download the software. It is the program where the album will be designed – by you. You choose the size and design of the pages and will add photos and riding each page – gives place to titles, inclusive. Everything can be customized: cover, opening text… It is so easy that it is cool! When you just finish, you keep following the steps in the software to choose the rest of the details: sheet thickness, finish, type of cover. Then you get the album in about 5 working days. Very practical, right?

I recommend it! Not to mention that there are several special promotions – for example, if you want two units of the same album, the second will have a more affordable price. It’s good to sign the newsletter also because there are always discounts. Check out the website to see more details.

A final tip: if you are not so good taking pictures, it worths the investment to hire a photographer for a photoshoot during your trip, have you thought about it? Here are some photographers in New York and in Paris.

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  1. Hey buddy, very helpful blog! Started reading about Mexico & Tulum and ended up here 🙂 Thank you for all the tips! Doing Mexico soon and making these photobooks for new house! I will let you know how it goes. Thanks once again! Have a great holidays ahead. Love from Chicago xx

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