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A Plus-Size store guide in New York City

I like being democratic here on the blog – and listening to what the readers ask for. Several of the posts here were written because of the readers. It’s great to know what you guys like to see, what you want to know … And I try, as far as possible, to attend to all requests. Today’s post was a request from dear Carol Magnago: to make content aimed at those who wear larger sizes of clothes. And I thought her request very pertinent. In fact, I think we are undergoing a transformation in today’s society and I see a greater questioning about the “standards” dictated by the media. And here in the US, it seems that those who wear bigger sizes have more options. So, on today’s post, I present stores that specialize in plus size sizes, or that have collections / departments targeted to that audience as well. I used as a basis for my research an article from Refinery 29, that interviewed New Yorkers plus-size girls – and they gave several tips and also indicated their favorite stores for shopping here in the city and also I included more stores. I believe that there is nothing better than hearing from those who buy and use to give you the best tips!

Forever 21 – Forever 21 has a special Plus-Size brand, Forever 21+. The Times Square store – which has four floors – is the one with the best selection of items, for a great value for money. In addition, the store is open until 2 am. On the website, you can get an idea of the outfits. There are skirts, dresses, rompers, jackets, sweaters … all very stylish! The outfits the on the website are an inspiration. Also worth checking out is the Instagram of the brand – @ forever21plus – with photos of real life girls.

Address: 1540 Broadway.

Lane Bryant – is one of the most recognized names in Plus-Size clothing here in the United States. And the emphasis is on fashion and fit – not merely size. It is super complete with clothing items (dresses, jeans, jackets, skirts, sweaters) in a variety of styles, from classic to informal, as well as a full line of gym clothes and also lingerie. Cacique plus size intimates are a Lane Bryant exclusive and are famous for the fit solutions and fashion styling they offer in bras, panties, sleepwear and more. Prices are also very affordable! Visit the website to get an idea.

Addresses: 225 West 34Th Street / 222 224 W 125Th Street / 380 Fulton St (Brooklyn).

Apesar das modelos não serem plus size, as peças acima estão disponíveis até o tamanho 18.

Ann Taylor – Ann Taylor is a well-known brand here in the United States (from the same group as Loft). Although it is not a plus size brand, it has a democratic size chart, which includes the XXL and the 18. It is great for those that are too big for the straight sizes, but sometimes too small for true plus-sizes. It’s the perfect brand for the woman who has more of a classic style but wants to add trendier pieces here and there. It has plenty of traditional pieces, such as sweaters and skirts. Most of the pieces have stretch. Prices are a bit higher – but there are weekly deals that end up offering good discounts. Check out more on the site.

Addresses: 850 Third Avenue / 600 5th Avenue / 330 Madison Avenue / 149 Fifth Avenue / 447 Fulton St (Brooklyn).

Lord & Taylor – Lord & Taylor is a department store (not as famous as Macy’s and Saks) and has a nice selection of premium brands and items for special occasions. Jones New York Plus is one of the brands available and features very classic pieces. You’ll also find the NYDJ Plus brand, which features jeans in larger sizes. There are other famous names like Calvin Klein Plus and DKNY. Considering that the store works with famous brands, I thought the prices very reasonable! You can check the website to get an idea.

Address: 424 5th Avenue.

H&M – H&M also has a special plus-size line, H&M+. In recent times, the fast fashion has done a great job, with stylish pieces that mix different patterns and textures. The cool thing is that the prices are affordable. The collection features blouses, trousers, skirts, tunics, dresses, jackets, plus a special selection of basic and gym clothing and lingerie. It is worth mentioning that there are several shops in New York, but the largest are in Times Square, Fifth Avenue and Herald Square, which is the largest in the world! Click here to check out.

Addresses: 1472 Broadway / 1293 Broadway / 589 th Avenue.

Macy’s – Macy’s is perhaps the most famous department store in the United States. And the biggest store in the world is located in New York, more precisely in Herald Square. There are 9 floors with a diversity of products – clothes, cosmetics, bed and bath, wedding dresses. The store has a floor with an exclusive section of Plus Size clothing, with sizes from 14 to 24.

Address: 151 W 34th St.

Old Navy – I love Old Navy style! It has basic clothes, those that are essential to make up the day-to-day looks and the brand is part of the Gap group. The prices are affordable and there is always great deals. The brand has a special plus size line, with sizes ranging from 16 to 31, including dresses, jeans and also swimwear. The style of the pieces is casual, casual and timeless You can check more details here.

Addresses: 150 W 34th St / 610 6th Ave.

Avenue – it is a plus-size chain that has been on the market for more than 30 years, with casual, trendy apparel in sizes 14 to 32. One of the highlights is the Luxe Collection, with fabric that has two-way stretch fabric and provides comfort and body shape. There are also pieces like dresses, skirts, blouses, jeans and lingerie. Check out more details.

Address: 139 Flatbush Avenue (Atlantic Terminal – Brooklyn).

Torrid – another brand specializing in plus-size, Torrid has a size chart from 10 to 30 in a super complete collection, with a nice footprint, which proves that size is no obstacle for you to dress well and be stylish! There are dresses, skirts, pants, jeans, plus lingerie, gym clothes, beach pieces and more. There are pieces for the most varied styles, and prices are also great. Check out the website.

Addresses: 56-27 Myrtle Ave #56 (Brooklyn) / 2145 Ralph Ave., #B (Georgetown Shopping Center, Brooklyn) / 2192 Bartow Ave #192 (Bay Plaza Shopping Center, The Bronx). 

Ashley Stewart – Dedicated to women who love their curves, Ashley Stewart is an iconic plus size fashion brand from New York with pieces that translate key at affordable prices. With more than 80 stores in the United States, the mission is to inspire women to feel good and offers everything from outfits for a Saturday night to workpieces and even the perfect jeans. Speaking of jeans, there are a variety of colors and styles, not to mention the collection of lingerie. Check out the website.

Address:  216-220 W. 125th Street 

Tips and secrets for shopping plus-size:

  • Keep an open mind — don’t only shop plus-size sections! You never know what you will find or even be able to style a different way.
  • Stop worrying about the number on the tag, and wear what fits. Your worth cannot be defined by any one number, be it weight or clothing size — just cut off the tag if it bothers you! You’ll look and feel beautiful in something that fits and flatters your curves; you won’t do your figure any justice by picking something oversized or too tight!
  • Supportive undergarments can take an outfit from a five to a 10. The number one question I’m always asked is what kind shapewear and bra do I wear. The right bra and shapewear will not only make your outfit look cleaner, but can actually make you look a little slimmer.
  • Try it on! Try it all. Try on styles you love but never thought you could wear. You might be surprised. And if something doesn’t work, don’t feel like you failed, or that your body isn’t good enough. There are clothes made for all different shapes, so if it doesn’t fit right, that doesn’t say a single thing about you — it only says that that particular piece of clothing is not worthy of a place in your closet. Don’t feel weird about the number on the size tag, either. I’ve always suspected it, but now, working in fashion, I know it’s true: Women’s sizing makes no sense. Sizes are as closely related to fairy dust and unicorns as they are to actual measurements. So, don’t worry about the number — just focus on getting the fit that makes you feel awesome.
  • Never buy a garment just because of the size on the tag. Have you ever had that moment of: But the pants say size 18, and I am definitely a size 18, so even though they are a little too small, I am going to buy them anyway? Don’t be afraid to go up in size in order for the clothing to fit better. Not every brand is cut the same. By not letting the number on the tag define your choice, you will get a great fitting piece every time.”
  • Try to shop stores when they first open — especially department stores. Fitting rooms are empty and the morning is when new merchandise is put out on the floor. So, you won’t have to wait in long fitting room lines or miss out on your size because the store is crowded and the clothes are everywhere.

Hope you liked this post!

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