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Paris: the best restaurants of our trip

After talking about what we did in the French capital – click here to check the post with tips of not obvious things in Paris – it’s time to talk about the restaurants! We had great gastronomic experiences there – and a lot of it is due to the “curatorship” of my sister, who lives in the city and always had a nice tip for us! Next, you check out the best places to eat during our four days there.

Located in Montmartre, it is one of my sister’s favorite restaurants. She lives in the neighborhood and this is one of the places she and her husband always go to for lunch or dinner. The menu is very varied and has several dishes based on meat, fish and poultry. Thiago’s choice was Tartiflette, a dish with bacon, cheese and chips – tell me if this can be not good? My dish was a steak with potato and my sister got the salad – which comes with delicious potatoes on top. The dishes cost, on average, € 14.50. Worth remembering that all portions were very well served!

This was a tip from my friend Juliana, who loves Paris (and has lived there for a long time). Carl Marletti is a patisserie – so it’s a full plate for sweet lovers. The reason we went there was because of the lemon tart – Ju said it’s her boyfriend’s favorite. As a matter of fact, the tart is on the list of blogs and sites in Paris as one of the best in the city. It was delicious! We also got a giant chocolate macaron. Prices are around €4, on average. Oh, there are no tables to sit in, but there is a park in front the parisserie.

This restaurant is close to Montmartre, not far from Moulin Rouge. My sister booked for us because of the great reviews on the internet. The atmosphere is simple and it is a tapas style restaurant – that is, everything is for sharing. The staff were very friendly! We ordered guacamole, burrata, beet hummus, mac and cheese. All, of course, with bread, which is very common in Paris. Not extraordinary dishes, but everything was very well prepared and delicious. If you can, make a reservation! The price of each dish ranges from € 5 to € 10. We were in four people and ordered 6 tapas.

In Paris, there are several culinary classics, and the crepe is undoubtedly one of them. This restaurant is in the Saint Michel neighborhood and my sister warned that there are many restaurants in that neighborhood that are not good – which is not the case of this one. There are a lot of choices of crepes – plus salads and other dishes. I ordered one with blue cheese and nuts. It was great! Thiago ordered one with meat (and egg on top). I do not remember much of the prices, but I believe it was around € 12 on average.

This was, in my opinion, our best dining experience in Paris. La Bellevilloise is in the Belle Ville neighborhood – I talked about it on my post about things to do in Paris. The restaurant is beautiful, super charming, with rustic decor and real olive trees inside! We were there on a Friday and there was live music. The place was very lively and with lots of young people. Our group had 6 people and we ordered some starters, such as burrata and gratin cauliflower (average of € 8 each). Then each one ordered a plate. I choose the fish with rice – but as you can see, some people had pasta, steak tartar and veal. Everyone enjoyed the food and most dishes varied from € 14 to € 26.

Did you like the post? I hope the tips help if you are planning a trip to Paris!

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