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Package Free: zero wasting store in New York City

It is no news to anyone that the world is changing in some way: we have never talked so much about conscious consumption, whether it is eating, housing, buying clothes or cosmetics. I think it’s wonderful: it’s up to each of us to do something different to contribute to a better place. Here in New York, there are many companies/brands with such values. One of them is Package Free, an initiative that started as a store pop up and today is a permanent store. The store is in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and I’ve been visiting the place the other day to tell you guys.

Package Free was founded by Lauren Singer – she popularized the zero waste movement through her blog Trash is for Tossers and is an expert on all things waste. All of the trash that she has produced over the past 5 years fits inside of a 16oz mason jar. she is also founder and CEO of The Simply Co., an organic, vegan laundry detergent company.

At the store, the main goal is helping you to reduce your waste and finding alternatives to single-use plastic products convenient and simple. They source the products from individuals and brands with missions to create positive environmental impact. The store like to look at the overall impact of the products they are selling. Since opening, they’ve kept an estimated 1,597,640 plastic straws, 851,950 plastic bags and 490,856 non-recyclable cups out of landfill, to name a few.

The product mix includes items that make our routine easier in a lot of ways: stainless steel containers, bamboo straw, cosmetics poufs, menstrual organic pantyliner, bamboo toothbrush – plus natural cosmetics: liquid soap, laundry detergent and so on. Click here to see the store and prices.

Address: 137 Grand Street – Williamsburg – Brooklyn. 

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