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New things to do at Brooklyn Bridge Park and Dumbo, New York City

Crossing the Brooklyn Bridge is one of those classic and unforgettable things to do during your stay in the city – and I would say that you will not get tired of repeating it, even if you’ve have been here before. On the Brooklyn side, Brooklyn Bridge Park is one of the most beautiful places in New York and I can not get enough of the view from there. It’s been a while since I wrote a blog post about the tour – and you can check out my tips in this post here But, some time has passed since I wrote that post – and the region also has changed. Today, there is much more to do in the area and the idea of this post is to update you with some suggestions of places and also perspectives.

New perspectives: Every time I get a visitor, I end up discovering a new place or a new perspective of a place I already knew. A few weeks ago, my sister was visiting me and we were in Brooklyn Bridge Park and discovered two new things: one is the view of Manhattan, on the left side of the bridge, in front of the 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge. There are stones and enjoying the skyline and the sunset from there is sensational. Another thing we ended up doing without planning was crossing the bridge, again. I had already suggested crossing at sunset – but in four and a half years here, I had never crossed the bridge from Brooklyn to Manhattan. It was incredible – even more so with the beautiful colors that the sunset that day gave us. It was wonderful to see the day say goodbye and the lights of the city light up in front of me. Definitely, the crossing from Brooklyn to Manhattan at the end of the day became my favorite.

New places to explore – in recent years, the Brooklyn Bridge Park area has grown a lot! There are several new places to explore there and below I’ll list some that you can include in your script.

  • Rooftop of the Brooklyn Historical Society – Founded in 1863, the Brooklyn Historical Society is a nationally recognized urban history center dedicated to preserving and stimulating the study of Brooklyn’s 400-year history. This address, in Dumbo, is an exhibition and multimedia experience for all ages that brings the vibrant history of Brooklyn to life through stories of workers, artists, industries, activists, families, neighborhoods, and ecosystems. The entrance is pay-as-you-wish. Okay, but what most people do not know is that there is a rooftop in the museum building and the access is free. The view there is incredible and the place is always empty. Just enter through the access next to the Cecconi’s and up the stairs. Address: 55 Water Street.
  • Rooftop from the 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge – this rooftop opened last summer and is in the brand new 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge. The location is super convenient: in Brooklyn, next to the Brooklyn Bridge, with Brooklyn Bridge Park at your feet. The view is incredible, you can not deny it. You get to see any park, the East River, and the Manhattan skyline. In one area, you even get to see the Statue of Liberty from afar. Prices are those already known for rooftops – drinks for $17, beers for $8, wine glasses for $15. There are some food choices, ranging from $ 7 (fries) to $ 25 (Lobster roll). Learn more details here. Address: 60 Furman St.
  • Cecconi’s – In the same building as the Brooklyn Historical Society is Cecconi’s. The restaurant, which has a strong name here, opened this location in Dumbo last summer and the highlight is the tables in the outside, with a privileged view. The venue serves lunch, dinner and brunch, and the menu includes pasta and pizzas, priced from $20. Honestly? I suggest making a reservation, the place gets busy.
  • Pilot – part of the Grand Banks group – is a bar on a boat anchored at Brooklyn Bridge Park. In the menu, the highlight is the oysters. In addition, there are also several choices of fish and seafood dishes such as ceviche and lobster roll, as well as crisps, burrata. Drinks include cocktails ($15), beers ($10) and wines ($15). Address: Pier 6, Brooklyn.

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