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Innisfree store in New York City

Anyone who has been following me for a long time knows that I love everything about K-Beauty. It’s interesting because I saw the rise of this trend here in the United States. Three years ago, when I started researching the market in the city, many stores were concentrated in Flushing, Queens. Slowly, the stores came to Manhattan – at the same time as the websites to buy these products started to grow as well. The United States has become an interesting – and vast – market for South Korean brands. The last to land here was Innisfree, from Amore Pacific group, which opened its first store in the city about two weeks ago.

If you don’t know, Amore Pacific is a multibrand conglomerate that is sort of like the Estée Lauder of Korea. Maybe a lot of you know the brand Amore Pacific – with luxurious skincare products. Laneige, IOPE and Etude House are also owned by the same group. Innisfree launched in 2000, and in 2015 it became the best-selling beauty brand in Korea,  across all categories in terms of volume sold. The brand has a green vibe and a connection to Jeju Island (Amore Pacific owns green tea farms at the island) and its use of natural ingredients. The store offers 900 different items, from skincare to makeup to home scents.

Now, let’s talk about the store in New York, I was amazed by the structure. In a time where the consumer can buy everything online – and in a city where the rents is very expensive – you have to be creative enough to attract attention and Innisfree has managed to do it with mastery. All the decor and atmosphere of the store have the green vibe. The true plant wall combines with the relaxing soundtrack. The store is huge. One of the great highlights is the possibility of customization. At the entrance, in the cushions area, it is possible to use a device to identify your skin tone. And it’s worth mentioning that Innisfree has expanded the range of colors for the American market. After identifying your color, you can choose the finish – moisturizing or matte – texture, sponge type, and case (and the options are super cute and fun). Still talking about customization, you can mix up your palette, with eyeshadows and blushes.

I really loved the layout and organization of the products in the store too, especially in the skin care category. The “Mask Bar” highlights the Innisfree masks by type – from the famous sheet masks, in different materials, to wash off masks and sleeping masks, which are nocturnal treatments. Afterwards, the skincare lines are divided according to the need of the skin: hydration, pore care, etc.

To conclude, let’s talk about products! Prices start at $2 and go up to $100 – but most cost well less than that. I thought it would be nice to list some of the bestsellers to help at the time of shopping:

  • Intensive hydrating serum with green tea seed –  Packed with amino acid and minerals, this lightweight yet nourishing serum works to replenish your optimal moisture level, wrapping skin in comfort for a smooth, glowing complexion  $25
  • Pore clearing clay mousse mask with super volcanic cluster – 6-in-1 pore solution mask in a light, airy mousse helps: 1. minimize the look of pores 2. absorb sebum 3. gently exfoliate 4. deeply cleanse 5. even skin tone 6. cool $19
  • Moisture-volumizing serum with lava seawater – Surging with up to 18 natural minerals, this serum also helps strengthen skin’s natural moisture barrier to help keep skin looking plumped with moisture. Lines and wrinkles appear visibly reduced. Skin looks smoother and firmer.
  • Matte mineral setting powder -Silky loose powder controls excess oil for a soft, natural-looking matte finish. $8.
  •  It’s real squeeze mask – sheet mask disponível em várias versões. Pode ser usada diariamente e hidrata profundamente a pele. U$1,80.

Did you like to know more about Innisfree? Who already knew the brand?

Address: 862 Broadway

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