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Gay bars and dance clubs in New York City

Yes, this is a democratic blog that supports the LGBT cause. New York is a city rich in diversity: there is an incredible mix of cultures, languages, colors and also sexual genres and options. Prejudice has no place here: you will see men holding hands and women holding hands. And this is completely normal, because the other’s option is not our problem, right? Taking all that into account, I think it’s fair to talk about the options that the city offers to the LGBT audience. For this, I invited my great friend Leandro Veneziani, who selected dance clubs and bars not to be missed for those who are traveling to the Big Apple! Leandro has been  lived here for three years. His criteria: popularity, history and, of course, experiences he had living for three years in New York.

1 – Industry Bar – There is no way to talk about LGBT dance clubs without mentioning Industry. Located in Hell’s Kitchen, one of New York’s gayest neighborhoods (and very close to the Times Square), Industry is a bar / dance club that opens every day and is also home to many famous drags that started doing shows there , as the winner of RuPaul eighth season, Bob The Drag Queen. The music includes everything, everything gay haha. Admission is free and the price of drinks are “ok” – about $8 for a Vodka drink with Cranberry. And it is also cool that, because of the location (near many hotels), the place receives many tourists besides the New Yorkers. Without doubt one of the best places in New York.

Address:  355 W 52nd St.

2 – The Stonewall Inn  – O lugar onde “tudo aconteceu”. Stonewall não é só um bar/balada legal que recebe shows drags, é também um marco na história da Queer Culture. Em 1969, uma manifestação deu início ao movimento LGBT, que enfrentou as autoridades e a polícia na conhecida “Revolta de Stonewall”. Grandes nomes como RuPaul, Lady Bunny, dentre outros já deixaram sua marca lá. Além disso, o bar se situa em outro bairro gay da cidade, o Village, um bairro “cool” de Nova York cercado de lojas, bares e baladas incríveis. O preço pra entrar varia por conta do evento, mas geralmente a entrada é free. Confira mais no site.

The place where “everything happened”. Stonewall is not just a cool bar that hosts drag shows, it’s also a milestone in Queer Culture’s history. In 1969, a demonstration kicked off the LGBT movement, which faced authorities and police in the well-known “Stonewall Revolt”. Big names like RuPaul, Lady Bunny, among others have already left their mark there. In addition, the bar is located in another gay district of the city, the Village, a “cool” neighborhood of New York surrounded by shops, bars and incredible dance clubs. Admission varies for the event, but usually, is free. Check out more on the website.

PS: It’s worth remembering that Stonewall is close to the Big Gay Ice Cream (61 Grove St) an ice cream shop that is essential for everyone who wants to take a close-up in New York and take some outrageous photos.

Address: 53 Christopher St. 

3 – Cubby Hole – Also in the Village, Cubby Hole is a great choice for a drink with your friends. Full of good, different, affordable drinks, it’s one of New York’s most famous gay bars and known as a “lesbian bar”. The bar is beautiful, with incredible decor and full of beautiful people to flirt. Admission is also free. Check out more on the website.

PS: there is a super cool jukebox that gives a special effect to the place, and still, with some coins you can make “your music” play.

Address:  281 W 12th St A.

4 – Fire Island – If you want to get to know and enjoy Queer Culture in New York, Fire Island is the best place for it. This will cost you a little more money and availability, since the island is not in New York. But nothing that a train, a car and a ferry does not solve. On average, this tour costs about $ 50 per person. The island is the “gayest place” in the world. Full of bars, restaurants, pool parties, drag queens and beautiful people. And do not fool yourself into believing it to be a place of sin and perdition! Many families are there with their kids and it is a super friendly place. A lot of fun from morning till night when the parties come to a climax! Click here and check out how to get there. Check out the most famous parties at the island.

PS: there is even a reality show that calls “Fire Island” and shows the vacation of a group of gay friends.

5 – “Bar Hopping” – it seems silly but it’s THE BEST way to get to know and experience cool places in New York. But to give the right hint, I’d recommend doing this at Hell’s Kitchen, as it’s a more touristy neighborhood, close to known places / hotels and for being a big concentration of gay bars and dance clubs in the city. Since most of the dance clubs and bars in the city offer free admission, there is nothing better than going from bar to bar and enjoying the best of each!  In the Hell’s Kitchen area, I recommend Posh (405 W. 51st St), Therapy (348 W 52nd St), Boxers (742 9th Ave), Ritz (369 W 46th St) and Industry. Then there is nothing better than drinking one in each place (be careful not to drink outside, because is not allowed) and enjoy and dancing in all these places.

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