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Cheeseboat, the restaurant that is trending in Williamsburg

Have you noticed how Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat have become a thermometer in the world and end up launching trends and trends? Who never got hungry in front of the computer with the famous food videos? Yeah. It was because one of those Insider videos that I heard about Cheeseboat restaurant and its famous Cheesebreads. We were there on Friday to check it out. Cheeseboat is a Georgian cuisine restaurant. I did not even know there was a country by that name, but right, living and learning.

Cheeseboat is located in Brooklyn, more precisely in the Williamsburg suburb. The specialty of the house is the Cheesebreads. Their price ranges from $ 10 to $ 20 and they have varying formats – some resembling a pizza, some reminiscent of lasagna. The most famous of them is the Cheeseboat (which is on the video that is on the internet). Our choice was the Bacon Cheeseboat ($ 19). As a suggestion of the restaurant, we ordered only one to sjare, because the portion is quite large. The dough is delicious – the Cheeseboat is like an open calzone and the filling has lots of cheese and the bacon on top. We also ordered some dumplings, but the truth is that the Cheeseboat itself would have been enough. We saw other Cheesebreads on the other tables and all the sizes are super generous. The atmosphere of the restaurant is also very pleasant and the place is frequented by very young people. We really enjoyed our experience and I decided to be brief in my text because you can check more details in the video below (in Portuguese)

Address: 80 Berry St (L subway line) – open for lunch and dinner. I recommend to make a reservation. 

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