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Beauty: products for dry skin to buy in New York City

I already mentioned here that I have combination / oily skin. During the winter, I usually suffer a lot from dryness and I need to change my skincare routine a little bit. However, I am not the best person to recommend specific products in these cases. Of course, I know some items, but I think nothing better than the word from those who tried and approved products for dry skin. That’s why I invited my friend Isabela Maia to give her tips for you – Isabela has dry skin and shares today some products she recommends!

Wet Skin Moisturizer, Jergens  – I don’t know why it took so long for a brand to create this kind of product! It is a moisturizer to apply on your skin after showering, but before drying off. Just-showered skin best absorbs moisture, so, it works very well. The formula has coconut oil, but your skin is not gonna be sticky. I feel like I didnt’ apply anything, but my skin feels very soft.  $8.

Where to buy it? Harmon, Ulta, Target. 

Moisture Surge Overnight Mask, Clinique -the only moisturizer for face that works perfectly for me. It’s for nighttime, but I apply during the day as well. If you have oily skin, you can use a few times a week as a face mask. $35

Where to buy it? Sephora.

Moisture Surge Face Spray, Clinique + Bare Republic Mineral Sunscreen Lotion, Coola -My favorite combo to use when I’m in a hurry or on the beach and I don’t want to feel sticky. The spray is basically a moisturizing thermal water, which I usually apply along with this sunscreen. Or I use it as a makeup fixer, to make sure my makeup will not crack. About the sunscreen, I’ve been using this one for years. It has a delicious smell, and leaves my skin super fresh and is cheap. $25,50 – $15

Where to buy it? Clinique – SephoraBare Republic – Target, Ulta.

Creamy Eye Treatment, Kiehl’s I am always looking for the perfect eye cream and I never find it. A friend told me that only those from La Mer actually work, but since I do not want to sell a kidney to buy a cream, I keep looking. This is a new one from Kiehl’s, it has avocado in the formula and, in terms of moisture, it is the best I have ever used. $48

Where to buy it? Brand’s stores and Sephora.

Maracuja Oil, Tarte -Do you know when your skin is peeling because you had a pimple that is healing? It happens a lot with those who have super dry skin, and for me, only this oil can solve this problem. I apply it before sleeping and the next day my skin is already normal. It is not very cheap, but the bottle lasts for years, so it pays off. $16 a $48.

Where to buy it? Na Sephora.

Avocado Face Mask, Sephora -Avocado, for me, is like coconut oil: if this ingredient is in the formula, I buy it. I’ve tried several similar masks, but this is the only one I buy it again. I love to use it when I come back from a trip or when I have a special occasion.  $6.

Where to buy it? Sephora.

Illusion® Hyaluronic Skin Tint, Hourglass – I’m not such a makeup fan. I have few products, just for special occasions. When I moved to New York and my skin became even drier, I bought several foundations and nothing worked for me. Until I found this one, which despite being called Tinted Moisturizer, works as a lightweight foundation. $56

Where to buy it? Sephora

Limitless Foundation, Stellar -after I finished my Hourglass foundation, I wanted to try something different. I went to Sephora and they told me that, besides working for dry skin, this one from was made for people who have olive skin tone, which is my case. The variety of colors is super extensive, the price is good and it lasts all day on my face. I don’t like the smell, but we can not have everything, right? Haha. $38

Where to buy it? Sephora

Hangover Replenishing Face Primer, Too Faced -This is a moisturizer primer that I apply after moisturizing my skin and, obviously, before the foundation. As my face get a little sticky when I apply Clinique moisturizer, this primer gives a “dry” touch to the skin but keeping my skin moisturized. U$32

Where to buy it? Sephora

Lip Sleeping Mask, Laneige – probably this lip mask has the same effect as Carmex or Vaseline, but it’s a something that smells so good and I can not sleep without it! $20

Where to buy it? Sephora

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Isa, thanks for sharing your tips with us! Girls, I hope you enjoyed the suggestions!

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