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Apps to use in New York City – fourth edition

Some weeks ago, I wrote a post suggesting more apps to use in New York – in fact, this is already the fourth post that I write about it. I’m always discovering new apps, which help planning a trip or to enjoy the city in a better way, then, as I already had a good number of apps to suggest, here I am writing another edition of this post!

Umi Kitchen –  this app is great for those who live here in New York or are staying in a apartment. It’s an app for food delivery. Umi has a different concept from other food delivery apps, because the idea is to offer homemade dishes. Umi brings together a community of home cooks who make small batches of your favorite dishes every night. The prices range from $12 to $16 and the availability and variety of dishes depends on the neighborhood that you are located. You always order an overnight (dinner) and even choose the delivery time. Also, if you use the code LAUMSNI you can order your first meal for FREE  Just enter the code after adding the dish in the cart. You will need to insert card information to complete the request. Available for iOS.

GLAMSQUAD – there are always questions about beauty services here in New York, from people who live here and from people who come here and need a makeup or hairstyle for any special occasion or a photo shoot, for example. GLAMSQUAD is very cool! It has a menu of hair styles options and makeup styles – from basic to elaborate. You choose what you want, select the date and time and a GLAMSQUAD trained-and-trusted professional arrive at your desired location for your appointment. There are even special services for brides. Available for iOS – but if you don’t have an iPhone or iPad you can schedule through the website.

ShopDrop – I have written here on the blog about Sample Sales, special mega sales that happen here in New York. In the last post about apps, I suggested an app to track Sample Sales – you can check here. Now, I discovered ShopDrop, which is much more complete. In addition to reporting sample sales that are happening, you can also set the app to send notifications about new Sample Sales and also when there are nearby Sample Sales. Plus, there is also information for Los Angeles, London and Paris. Available for iOS.

Google Trips – last week, Google announced a new travel app, Google Trips, to help in planning travel. Through the app, you can plan trips and choose bars and restaurants. Accessing the place map, you can find restaurants that are in the same area and suggestions of what to do. The idea is to make trips easier and discover places using a single service. You can create your custom itinerary, bringing together all the important information in one place.  Reservations and e-tickets (hotels or flights) are collected directly from the email account (Gmail, in this case) used to connect to the app. Available for iOS and Android.

Hopper – this app is great for those who are still searching for flight tickets to New York. You enter the origin and destination and the desired dates and Hopper begins to monitor the price. The app notifies you about changes in prices and the best part: he advises if it is best to buy immediately or wait and how the tickets should rise or fall in a given period. Also, when you decide to buy the tickets, you can do everything through the app. Available for iOS and Android.

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