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A walk on Randall’s Island, in New York

Last weekend, I wanted to record some videos to my YouTube channel, and as we like to record outside, Thiago suggested Randall’s Island as a location for this time. I knew the place, but as the day was beautiful, I took some photos for this post. I believe many of you may have never heard of this island. It is located in north of Manhattan, between Harlem and Astoria. It’s also where Governor’s Ball, famous music festival, takes place every summer. It is a residential island – the population is of 1,500 people – and dedicated to sports.

One of the nice things of the island is the green area available and the wonderful view. Your tour starts by Wards Island Bridge, bridge for pedestrians and cyclists, linking Manhattan to the island. And for me, a bridge lover, Randall’s Island could not be a better place! It provides views of the Robert F. Kennedy Bridge, which connects Manhattan Queen and The Bronx, and also for the Hell Gate Bridge, which connects the Randall’s Island to Astoria, Queens. As if that is not enough, there is still the view of the East River, to the buildings of the Upper East Side, to the Queensboro Bridge and the Roosevelt Island. Randall’s Island picnics areas, space for walkings and bicycles, soccer fields, golf and the Icahn Stadium. Undoubtedly, a great place to spend a nice afternoon.

To get there, take the 6 train to 103rd Street and walk east along 102nd Street to FDR Drive. Then, walk one block north directly onto the crossover leading into the Footbridge. Another suggestion is to take the 4, 5 or 6 train to 86th St and walk east along 86th St to Carl Schurz Park – a beautiful park with a view to East River, there is a post and a video here on the blog. This way, you enjoy the park and then you keep walking uptown until Randall’s Island access bridge.

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