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5 stores to buy evening dresses in New York City – part 2

It’s been almost a year since I wrote a post here on the blog about where to buy evening dresses in New York – click here to check. But as I know this is a subject that interests many people – since the post is well accessed and it is well researched on the internet – I decided to do some research to write a second edition of this post with more shopping tips. We know that dresses for graduations and weddings are not the cheapest ones – and special occasions deserve special outfits, right? The more options we have, the better. Indeed, with so many tips, you will not go home without choosing your dress. I’ve been in each of these stores last week to check closely the options and the price range.

TopShop – I think TopShop is one of the coolest stores to buy clothes, because the pieces are always different and stylish. The price is higher than other fast fashion – like H &M – but they are like Zara. And if the idea is to buy short party dresses, there are always very beautiful options, with prices that are around $130. In New York, there are two locations – one in SoHo and one at Fifth Avenue – and it worths exploring all the sections that have women’s clothing, because the dresses are not concentrated on one floor only.

Addresses: 608 5th Ave / 478 Broadway. 

Bloomingdale’s – Bloomingdale’s is a very nice department store to buy clothes. One of the positives things is that the store is super organized. There are two locations in New York – one at 59th St and another in Soho. The 59th St is the most traditional and also the larger one. Speaking about evening dresses, there are brands like BCGB, Lauren, Jill Stuart, Aqua and Aidan Mattox and the styles are concentrated on the third floor, when you can find short dresses for $80. The variety of long dresses is vast and there are enough options on sale. You should also check out the second floor, with different designers and some interesting dresses too. For those who can pay more, on the fourth floor there are brands such as Chanel and Oscar de la Renta – and we are talking about prices with four digits.

Addresses: 1000 Third Avenue / 504 Broadway. 

Saks Fifth Avenue – Saks is another super luxurious and traditional department store in New York. It is also the most expensive among the options oin this post. I was in the traditional address, on Fifth Avenue. The party dresses are on the ninth floor, in an area called The Ballroom. There, looking well, you can find short dresses for $100 – some were with this price because there was 40% off sale. Long dresses, cost on average $ 300 – speaking of the cheapest ones.

Addresses: 611 5th Ave /  225 Liberty St (Brookfield Place).

Lord & Taylor – Lord & Taylor may not be well known, but has a privileged location in New York on Fifth Avenue, and is also a department store. The party dresses are concentrated on the third floor. I particularly was impressed by the variety of styles and brands: there are many options and the good thing is that the store is not too crowded. I saw a nice variety of long dresses for between $120 and $200 and also short dresses between $75 and $100 – speaking about the cheapest ones.

Address: 424 5th Ave.

Macy’s – Macy’s Herald Square is the largest in the world and is located in a very a touristic area New York, which means it is always crowded, so here, you must have a little more patience. The party dresses are located on the fifth floor and I think you can say that among the department stores, Macy’s is the one that has the best prices. I saw many short dresses for about $80, and long for $170. Most of the styles would cost more than $ 300 in other stores were in the range $ 200 at Macy’s. You can find several famous brands such as Lauren and Calvin Klein.

Address: 151 W 34th St.

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