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5 food experiences to have in New York City

Have you heard of the foodie term? It is an informal word for a particular people that love food and drink. Me and Thiago consider us foodies. We love exploring different restaurants, different dishes, different cuisines. I love spending hours on Pinterest saving recipes. I love exploring recipe books. And, I must say: New York is a true paradise for foodies. That’s why I get so upset when people insist on this myth – yes, it’s a myth – that you only eat fast food here! The city has so many, but so many options that it would take 20 years for someone to visit all the restaurants – not to mention the ones that would open all the time. And as a foodie, I love gastronomic experiences and today I decided to list 5 experiences that I think are worth it!

Degustação de massas no Lupa – owned by chef Mario Batali, who is also behind Eataly – and has more than ten restaurants in New York. It is an Italian restaurant and, besides the pasta choices, they offer the Pasta Tasting Menu, with 5 pasta. All housemade, at the restaurant:  Tonnarelli Cacio e Pepe, Spaghetti alla Carbonara, Saltimbocca Ravioli, Pajata Finta and Bucatini All’Amatriciana. This menu also includes a sorbet as a dessert. You can also have a Wine Pairing, with a different wine for each past. Besides the food, that is amazing, so tasting, the environment of the restaurant is perfect for a date!

Pasta Tasting Menu: $55 / Wine Pairing: $45.

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Address: 170 Thompson Street.

Japanese barbecue at Gyu-Kaku – there are several Eastern BBQ restaurants here in New York – especially in Koreatown – and I’ve had the opportunity to try out several of them. But my favorite – by combo: experience, taste, and price – is still Gyu-Kaku. All tables have a central grill, and various cuts of meat are brought raw  to the table – and you cook. The pieces are small, which ensures that they cook fast. This chain has a lot of locations in the city and the Happy Hour Prices are very special. The combos, available for 2, 4 or 6 people start at $65. Besides the meat selection, it comes with sides. It is so good! Happy hour also features beers starting at $3 and drinks starting at $5.

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Locations: 321 W. 44th St. Unit 103 / 805 3rd Ave., 2nd Floor/ 34 Cooper Sq.

Hot Pot at Spring Shabu Shabu – at the Hot Pot restaurants, you cook your food. You choose the type of soup – fish, spicy or vegetables – and the tables have a structure that keeps the soup boiling – you can control the temperature. Spring Shabu Shabu has a buffet, with several choices of fresh noodles, dumplings, mushrooms, all types of vegetables and salads and you cook it all in the water. And of course, you can add some sauces, available in a huge variety at the buffet. The price for the buffet is $14. Meat portions – including seafood – are available and start at $4.

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Address: 136-20 38th Avenue, 2nd Floor – Flushing, Queens. 

Pic: Grub Street

Dessert tastins at Patisserie Chanson – this place features a Patisserie, with sweets, bread and some snacks and quick lunches, and the Dessert Bar, which is located in the basement and offers a complete dessert tasting experience. The place is super intimate and small – there are about 10 seats at the counter and six more seats divided into three small tables. The experience begins with the team’s welcome, and they explain how everything will work. Incidentally, it is worth noting the impeccable service and the friendliness of all of them, who make us feel practically at home. The experience begins with some salty small appetizers to prepare the palate. First, a popcorn with chilli and lemon, a delight. Then special treat-with vegetables served on skewers in a vase. Then, to clean the palate, a drink served in a spoon, in a kind of bubble that you burst in the mouth. Super refreshing! And it is after that that the tasting itself begins. And the cool part of it all is that the team putt everything together in front of you – so the cocktails and wines, which are prepared / served / presented to you as new desserts are served. It is also important to emphasize that the experience involves not only the taste but also the smell and even the hearing since the soundtrack of the place is a delight. And in total, there are six courses, which features not so obvious ingredients and a perfect presentation. The experience lasts two hours. The tasting menu costs $75 and the pairing is plus $58.  Highly recommended to make a reservation as there are only two sessions per night. You can make the reservation here.

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Address:  20 W 23rd St. 

Sobremesas no Spot Dessert Bar -this place specializes in desserts that are created to be a blend of distinctive flavors.  They take Eastern and Western influences, balancing unique ingredients such as Green Tea, Kabocha, and Yuzu to create one of a kind confections. It is owned by two cousins, Chatchai “Chai” Huadwattanana and Ace Watanasuparp. Spot Dessert Bar menu has eight dessert options. The options are usually seasonal and change from time to time. But there are three options that are the signatures of the place: Matcha Lava, Golden Toast and The Harvest. The last one is served in this unusual setting, it looks like a plant – but it takes a mix of ingredients like berries, cheesecake, and Oreo. To check out the complete menu, click here. I have been there a lot of times and my favorite ones are Milk Puffy, Matcha Lava and Golden Toast

Locations: 13 St Marks Place / 5 St Marks Place / 11 West 32nd Street (Food Gallery 32) / 39-16 Prince Street (Flushing).

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