5 cosmetics to buy at korean beauty stores in New York City

If you read my blog – and you follow me on Instagram (laura_peruchi) – you probably already realized that I am a korean beauty lover, right? I’ve written some posts about it and also recorded some videos – one about skincare trends and another one about makeup trends. And, since korean beauty brands are huge now in New York City, I think it would be great if I share with you some suggestions of cosmetics that you should buy here!

Sheet Masks & Hydrogel Masks – korean women love maks! Something that for us is a special care, for them is part of the daily routine.  Sheet Masks are something normal and common. With a texture that seems like a thin textile, these masks have formulas that provides differents benefits: moisturizing, brightening… Another interesting mask is the hydrogel type. Like the name suggests, they are hydrogel basis, and allow your skin to absorbs more from the mask.

Suggestion:  Club Clio has always good deals on Sheet Masks and a great selection of Hydrogel masks – Address: 11 W 14th St. Nature Republic offers Sheet Masks super cheap – hands and foot versions too- Address: 12 E 14th St. 

Cushion – another strong korean beauty trend. The thing about cushion is the design. The product – that can be foundation, BB Cream or CC Cream – is poured into a compact, and topped with a sponge. Every time you press down on the springy sponge (the “cushion”) with the included makeup sponge, the liquid formula is released. It provides a great coverage and a natural finish.

Suggestion:  Kill Cover, from Clio, is amazing! Excelent coverage! Address: 11 W 14th St

Double Cleansing System – this cleansing skin system is wonderful.  While we just use a cleanser gel, they use two products for this function. First step is using a product with oil – Oil cleanser or a Sherbet cleanser. These products are great to remove makeup. Then, they use a cleansing foam. The result is a super clean skin – which is essential for absorbing well the formulas tha will be applied later.

Suggestion:  Sephora carries Too Cool for School products, a great option for a foam cleanser. 

Sleeping Masks – this products, that should be you last skincare step, is a moisturizing boost. Besides the name, it’s a super rich formula cream, not stick, quick absorption, that works as a mask, providing  vitality, brightness, hydration. You don’t need to worry about your pillow! It is not a mandatory product – but keep in mind that sleeping mask can provides great benefits to the skin, especially the dry types. Is great to use the product 2 to 3 times per week. Or, if you want to use every day, it’s nice to switch between 2-3 types of sleeping masks. I`ve written more about Sleeping masks here.

Suggestion: Dr G sleeping mask is a miracle for your skin, I promise. Available at Club Clio – Address: 11 W 14th St. Another great sleeping mask is Banana Sleeping, from Tony Moly – Address: 35 W 32nd St.

BB Cream – ok, I know that this products is not new for you, probably. But, knowing that it was created in Corea, I think it would be more than fair that you buy one from there, right?  BB Cream is perfect for a natural coverage and sunscreen protection.

Suggestion: BB Cream from Missha is a world best seller! Coverage is amazing and it is SPS 42. Available at Missha – Address:  136-20 Roosevelt Ave

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