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4 great spots to eat in Philadelphia

As I mentioned the other day, we ended up going to Philadelphia a lot this year because of dear friends who live there! And as I was asked for updated tips from the city, I thought it would be nice to gather some cool spots to eat in Philly. The tips are very varied – there are options for lunch or dinner and also dessert.

Marathon – We’ve been at Marathon twice and I loved the atmosphere of the place. It is focused on classic American cuisine, with burgers (not to be missed, starting at $12.50), plus steak, some pasta options and also salads. I highly recommend theSalmon Salad and the Southwest Salad (prices around $13 and huge sizes). You can also make your own salad. Marathon also serves breakfast, with many choices with eggs. The restaurant is also kids-friendly – features armchair and drawing to entertain the little ones.

Locations: 121 S 16th St / 1818 Market St / 19th + Spruce.

Mission Taqueria – My friend Ana and I were having lunch there one day and we simply loved this place. As the name suggests, they offer tacos. There are six taco options and they cost from $12. I strongly recommend the shrimp tacos – seriously, it is delicious. The menu is quite small – but complete for a Mexican restaurant: there are burritos ($12), guacamole ($12), salads ($10), torta ($14), ceviche ($12). In addition, the environment is cute, large and modern. Open for lunch and dinner.

Address: 1516 Samsom St. 2nd floor.

Miel Patisserie – it features a charming French atmosphere. Ana and I were there one day for a coffee, but we did not enjoy our options very much, despite the coffee being yummy. However, she came back there the other day and tried the macarons and assured me that they are wonderful – and as she is a macaron over, I trust her and I am suggesting you the place. Also, the amount of sweetness is huge – if anything appeals to you, maybe it is worth to try, maybe we didn’t get lucky in our choices.

Address: 204 S 17th St.

Federal Donuts – one of the best donuts I’ve ever eaten, I swear, I swear and swear! They are fresh and you get them warm. There are three Hot Fresh flavors, $1.75 each: Cookies and Cream, Strawberry Lavender and Cinnamon Brown Sugar. There are also Fancy Donuts, $2.75 each, in these options: Triple Chocolate, Cinnamon Oatmeal, White Chocolate Cherry, Caramel Banana Chocolate, Sweet Potato Pie and Blueberry Pancake. In addition, the place also serves one of the American passions: fried chicken. Oh, the Federal Donuts also opened in Miami (come to NY, please!)

Locations: 1219 S. Second Street / 1632 Sansom Street / 3428 Sansom Street / 701 N. 7th Street / 2101 Pennsylvania Ave (Whole Foods). 

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