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3 organic/natural cosmetics stores in New York – Part 2

If you are following the sustainable trend that the world is going through you know that this trend is not just about food and clothing. Such a trend – if it can be called that – has also reached the cosmetics world and here in New York this is so strong that there are several stores / brands specialized in this. Two years ago, I wrote a post on the subject – you can check here – and today I write about another three stores focused on this concept also known as clean beauty.

Credo Beauty –  Credo Beauty is based on “clean beauty”: change the way people think about the ingredients and products that they put on their bodies. The store only offers cosmetics that do not contain any ingredients from a “dirty” list of prohibited ingredients. The list banes 23 groups of ingredients, including animal oils, parabens, toluene and formaldehyde – you can check out the complete list here. Credo Beauty works with more than 90 brands in categories such as skin care, body care, hair, nail polish, makeup. The founder of Credo Beauty, Shashi Batra, has worked at Sephora. He mentions that while Europe has banned 1400 ingredients in cosmetics, the United States only prohibits 11. The diversity of products and brands is huge – I had no idea that there were so many brands with this natural footprint in the world. There are global and local brands, some with personal stories behind.

Locations: 9 Prince Street / 99 N 6th Street.

Saje – A Canadian brand, Saje was founded in 1992 by the husband and wife team of Jean-Pierre LeBlanc and Kate Ross LeBlanc. After a serious car accident, Jean-Pierre was faced with a series of health challenges and chronic pain. Seeking a more effective and natural solution to aid his recovery, he leveraged his background in chemistry to formulate his first essential oil blends. With Kate’s original customer service pledge – she has grown up in her mom’s retail business – they created Saje and today, almost three decades later, the retail experience and Jean-Pierre’s commitment to 100% natural formulations remain the founding pillars of the company. Saje features over 500 products that address a wide variety of everyday health concerns and ailments like sleep, pain, and stress as well as ultrasonic diffusers, skin and body care, plant-derived natural perfumes, and pure and blended essential oils designed for anybody seeking holistic wellness. Essential oils and diffusers are the bestsellers. Saje utilizes 100% natural ingredients (most are vegan), not tested on animals, made without synthetics, and sourced from sustainable farms all over the world and from certified organic sources wherever possible.

Locations: 120 Prince Street/ 158 Columbus Avenue.

John Masters Organics – Founded by visionary stylist John Masters in his Soho, New York salon, John Masters Organics provides the finest in luxury organic beauty products to customers around the world. The brand is synonymous with premium quality, earth-friendly botanical ingredients and the ultimate in professional salon-level results. The brand’s history goes along with John’s story. He realized the perils posed by inhaling and handling harsh chemicals in the salon day after day and became committed to creating a toxin-free salon environment. At the same time, he began extensive research and testing of essential oils, plant extracts and other botanical ingredients to produce his first organic haircare products in 1991. Today, John Masters Organics is sold around the world – the Japanese are biggest fans of the brand. With organic certification, 100% recyclable packaging and earth-friendly production methods, it is recognized as the pioneering producer of luxury organic beauty. And the collection also includes, besides the hair products, body and skincare items.

Address: 77 Sullivan St.

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