South Street Seaport: the new destination in New York City

I know that I may be repetitive, but I can’t help myself: New York is an amazing city for its ability and speed to reinvent itself. There’s always something new to be seen! Whether it’s a new tourist attraction or a neighborhood that starts to be cool. In New York, there is always somewhere that is trending. One of the areas to keep an eye is South Street Seaport. It is a small area between the Brooklyn Bridge and Wall Street, gateway to the rich maritime history of Lower Manhattan. Entertainment, shopping, culture and gastronomy are part of the local experience. I was not even aware of the existence of the place. I was there last week and I loved what I saw, so, I took some pictures to tell you more about the place .

South Street Seaport is a super charming area, with buildings with ancient architecture. It is a delight to walk there during a summer day, exploring the shops and gastronomy. My tip is to arrive there around 4 pm, and then enjoying a Happy Hour there. There are several tables and umbrellas for seating, bars, restaurants … you will have a lot of options to eat and drink. To give you an idea of what the region offers, I will show some of the highlights

Smorgasburg – yes you did not misread. The famous massive open-air food market that happens in Brooklyn has a small edition in South Street Seaport. Until December, 6 vendors work at Fulton Stall Market (11 Fulton St), daily from 11am to 8pm. You can choose to sit inside or outside. This season, vendors are Cemitas El Tigre, with burritos and tacos, Home Frite, wonderful truffled fries (yes, the same that has massive lines in Williamsburg), Landhaus, with sandwiches, Lumpia Shack, with spring rolls and skewers , Red Hook lobster Pound, with snacks with lobster, and Wowfuuls, with the famous waffles cones served with ice cream.

The Design Market is an innovative retail installation occupying the ground level of the Seaport Studios at 19 Fulton Street, offering a carefully curated selection of design objects, including furniture, lighting, accessories, artwork, and other merchandise.  The Market also features a selection of original home accessories,decorative gifts, stationery and jewelry curated by WantedDesign.

Famous brands such as Guess and Abercrombie & Fiftch share place with other different projects in South Street Seaport. One is South Street Local Artists (93 South St), a boutique of 4 artists / designers in New York that sells jewelry, sunglasses, cards, t-shirts and more. Another highlight is Superdry (22 Fulton St). Contemporary brand offers high quality products with American and Japanese inspiration. The prices are great and you can find men and women clothing. I really liked what I saw! Another interesting shop is the Farm Candy (21 Fulton St), offering handmade salts and sugars preserved om freshly picked herbs and dried fruit. Those who enjoy cooking, you will certainly enjoy the selection of products. Who likes fashion, can not fail to visit the Christian Benner Custom Shop (189 Front St), New York designer specializing in custom leather pieces, and Defend Brooklyn (193 Front St) brand full of attitude and personality.

Another highlight at South Street Seaport is the TKTS location (199 Water St) that sells Broadway discount tickets ! Many people lose hours lines at Times Square. At South Street Seaport, the lines are smaller and the advantage is that you can buy same-day discount tickets to evening performances and next-day discount tickets to matinee performances. The office is open from 11am to 6pm.

And I also recommend that you visit Jknlee,  new korean beauty store in New York. This store is special because, besides brands like Clio, Peripera, Goodal and Dr G, it has the Memebox presence, famous korean beauty e-commerce, that brings more brands and products. 192 Front St.

It is good to remember that South Street Seaport is full of bars and restaurants. In addition to Smorgasburg, there are other Italian and Mexican options, cafes, Haagen-Dazs, an It Sugar store, pubs! One of the highlights is Industry Kitchen, located on the pier, with wonderful views. You can check all the restaurants here.

And when I say that South Street Seaport is gonna be trending soon, it’s not just because everything I talked about it. The Pier 17 is being revitalized by Howard Hughes Corporation’s (HHC) and the development plan balances the pier’s iconic waterfront location with its unique ability to provide a much-needed community and fashion anchor for the rapidly growing Lower Manhattan population. Pier 17 will feature a contemporary design, conceptualized by SHoP Architects, which will honor its historic roots as a bustling marketplace and influential port of trade. The revitalization will also include lush open spaces, a rooftop venue and a retail environment complete with premier fashion brands, restaurants and a world-class market. It’s gonna open in 2017.

And there are more news! IPic, a chain of luxe theaters with seats and food and drink service comparable to those of first-class airlines, is gonna open a 40,000 square-foot location at the South Street Seaport. The complex, at 11 Fulton St. in the Fulton Marketplace, is set to open in October.  Seeing a movie at the 505-seat, eight-auditorium iPic theaters will cost $14 to $28 person, depending on the night of the week and the level of service.

Did you like it? If you have an opportunity, visit South Street Seaport when you come to New York. On this map, you can have an idea of the region. To get there, take  A, C, J, Z, 2, 3, 4 or 5 subway line and get off at Fulton Street. You will walk by Fulton St by 8 minutes.

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