Shopping at Primark, in Philadelphia

If you follow me on Instagram (laura_peruchi) and Snapchat (lauraperuchiny) you probably saw that we spentthe weekend in Philadelphia. We have some friends living there now and we went to visit them. We already knew the city – we have been there in February and you can check out our itinerary here. It’s a charming city, with plenty of cool things to do and is only 1 hour and 45 minutes from New York City, by bys. On Saturday, we went to check King of Prussia mall, which is located 40 minutes from Downtown n and is the second largest mall in the United States. Our goal was to visit the Primark store. This fast fashion, famous in Europe by super low prices, has come to America this year – the first store opened in Boston two months ago. And as Primark is well known, I decided to write a post to tell you more about the store and the prices – this way, we have and idea of how it will be in New York City (the first store should open on Black Friday next year, in Staten Island, but Primark also seeks an address in Manhattan).

As I mentioned, Primark is famous for low prices. And when I say low prices I am talking about prices lower than Forever 21, for example. You will be surprised with the price tags.  And I was curious to check how these prices would be here in dollars (I was in one of the stores in London in 2012). I can say that Primark maintained its tradition, with very low prices. Blouses long sleeve for $4, tanks for $ 1.60, pajamas sleeping for $ 13, sweatshirts for $ 6, shirts for $ 10, handbags from $ 7, hats for $ 10, jeans for $ 10 … As you can see below, the prices are very attractive.

And this can be dangerous! With so many low prices, you probably would by a lot just because it’s cheap.  Because of that, I advise trying a break and making a recapin your shopping bag before checking out. At the end, I think Primark is great for basics – like blouses, t-shirts, gym clothing, socks, pajamas and so on. Or, to try something different, that you will not use it a lot. I, for example, bought some burgundy over the knee boots for $ 32, a very low price. But, considering it is not an item that I will use as much as a black one, I believe it was smarter to pay this amount than spending $ 100, for example. Primark also is not the place to find different clothing. It’s also great to make a comparison. At Primark, you can find shirts for men for $ 10 – $ 15, which I don’t particularly think that is a good deal, since you cand find, for a little more, in other stories, famous brands and better quality shirts.

If you want to visit the store during your trip to Philadelphia, be sure to use public transportation. From Downtown Phily area, buses 124 and 125 make stops there and each ticket costs $ 3.75 (you can with cash once you take the bus).

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