A not obvious experience: Indoor Skydiving near New York

Last week, I was at Clarisonic’s new Smart Profile Uplift launching event for Clarisonic’s new Smart Profile Uplift – I can write a post to talk more about this product, do you want it? And the event was amazing: the brand led us to an Indoor Skydiving experience – which in the literal translation would be free fall simulation in a closed environment. You know these people who jump on the plane? Just like that.

Our experience was at iFLY, a company that specializes in this type of experience and has locations in several American cities – such as Los Angeles, Seattle and Chicago. In New York state, iFLY has a location in Westchester, a city north of Manhattan. That’s where Clarisonic took us. If you did not understand what I have said so far, check out the video below to get an idea of what the experience is like.

The restrictions are minimal. In general, anyone starting a 3 years old can fly, weighing up to 300lb (except pregnant women and people with back pain problems). On the company website, you can check the general restrictions. The staff  is very friendly, humorous and helpful. I don’t know if the protocols are always the same, but I will explain how was our experience. First, we watched a video with general safety tips and the language used by the instructor to communicate with you inside the compartment. Because air velocity is high, it is not possible to talk, so we have learned some hand signals that instructors use to guide you in there. Basically, you have to keep your head up and your legs straight. It sounds easy, right? Hehehehe.

After the brief instruction lesson, we put on the “uniform”: overalls, sneakers, helmet, ear protector and glasses. While our class did not begin, we were amazedwith the performances of the instructors, who did real juggling inside the inner tube. Professional Flying! Each of us had two sessions of a minute and a half – I just did one. I had a little pain in my lower back, so I thought it best not to abuse it, and I felt a little trouble breathing. But that was my experience .. I confess I was a bit nervous. The first session was kind of a trainning and, in the second session, the instructor made the participant fly high, beautiful thing. But I did not want to repeat it, I was unsure. Look at my “performance” below:

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Are you interested? For those who enjoy this type of experience more radical – or even for those who search for activities not obvious during the trip – may be an option. You can check the packages here – there are individual and group options. Particularly, I think it’s a great activity to do in a big group!

How to get? There are trains departing from Grand Central to Westchester. From what I’ve researched, the closest station is Bronxville. From there you can take a taxi or Uber, it is about 10 minutes away!

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