New vendors to try at at Smorgasburg this year

Smorgasburg is certainly the most famous food market in New York. And, because of that, it’s not easy to get in as a vendor. Every day since Christmas, Team Smorgasburg has held tastings in their Crown Heights office—about 75 in all, culled from some 300 initial applicants—to determine who would be joining weekend food market. More than 20 new vendors have been selected and then you can check out some of Smorgasburg’s news for 2017.

Raclette sandwich – after the huge success at Bryant Park, Baked Cheese Haus is back and now at Smorgasburg, with its Raclette sandwich. Melted in a heated stand, the gooey strands are scraped onto toasted baguettes with cured ham, cornichons, and green onions to form a fancy, cheesy sub.

Halo Halo – Ube Kitchen has several Filipino classics on offer, but the highlight is the Classic Halo Halo, a hollowed-out dragon-fruit shell filled with ube ice cream, blackberries, mangos, dragon fruit chunks, tapioca, jackfruit, red mung beans, toasted coconut flakes and a coconut milk sauce. It’s sweet, refreshing, and bursting with bold flavor

Stroopwafels – a classic dutch cookie! Using a recipe passed down from his great-grandfather, Okke Rutte turns out palm-sized rounds that are the perfect balance of warm, sweet, and chewy.

Spaghetti donuts – Pop Pasta has revamped spaghetti “pie” into another dessert-inspired form, a pasta donut. Strands of spaghetti and sauce — offerings include classic red sauce, aglio e olio, and carbonara — are molded into rings and baked ‘til crispy.

John’s Juice – “All juice, no cups” is the tagline of this super-healthy drink vendor. Thanks to an imported Japanese machine, fruits are instantaneously blended inside themselves to make a refreshing juice while leaving the shell completely intact.

Churros ice cream sandwich – Dulcinea Churros offer churros in two versions: long, sugar-coated sticks with a dipping sauce of your choice (dulce de leche, Nutella, or strawberry jam) or as crunchy discs sandwiching house-made chocolate, peanut butter, or horchata ice cream.

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Did you like it? Are you curious tro try some of these foods? Here you can check out more suggestions on what to eat at Smorgasburg. 

Smorgasburg happens from April to October, Saturdays on Williamsburg – 90 Kent Avenue, 11 am to 6 pm -Sundays at Prospect Park – Breeze Hill (East Drive at Lincoln Rd.), also from 11 am to 6 pm.

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