Lovue – new K-Beauty store in New York City

If you follow me for a while, you probably know that I love K-Beauty and I’ve written a lot of posts about it here on the blog. A few days ago, I was able to check out the opening of a new store here in New York, Lovue, and I thought it was worth to mention it, since a lot of people share this love with me and I definitely recommend including this store on your shopping list.

Unsurprisingly, in few years, New York ended up attracting several Korean brands, which eventually opened their own stores here. In these more than four years living here, I ended up presenting some of them to you and I am a fan of several. But when it comes to K-Beauty, I am not loyal to an only brand and I enjoy exploring a world of possibilities. That’s why I loved Lovue. I confess that I had low expectations, in the end, the store was a pleasant surprise. First, because it is huge – certainly one of the largest Korean cosmetics stores in the city. In addition, the place is beautiful and super organized.

Lastly, what I loved most about Lovue: the variety of brands and products. There are over 80 brands – that’s right – 80 brands with hundreds of products focused mostly on skincare, makeup, plus some hair and body items. Only the selection of facial masks itself is worth the visit: they are sheet masks, wash off masks, modeling masks, anyway, the variety is great. Another highlight is the presence of brands such as Huxley, Corsx, Elizavecca and Neogen, which are usually not so easy to find in physical stores with a complete product mix.


On this link you can check the complete mix of brands. About the prices: I can’t put all the prices here, but I can guarantee that this is not a shop with overpriced items. There are items with prices similar to those practiced on the internet – in general, I found the prices consistent with what I know about the brands sold.

Lovue is located in Koreatown – 324 Fifth Avenue.

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