Flying Tiger: decor and stationery paradise in New York

Can anyone resist to a cute store? A store that offers everything we love, cute objects, decor and stationery. It is difficult to remain immune to the charm of a store like this. And New York has several options and also decor stores (I love, for example, the decor section of Marshall’s and TJ Maxx). We always find something! When I saw this on Starving blog about Flying Tiger, I was very curious to check out more about the store. I ended up sharing her post on my Facebook group and people went crazy – many people even commented that the store was great. There, I was convinced. Last week, I was in the area of one of the stores and I stoped there. And I say, if you’re into decor and cute objects, you need to visit Flying Tiger!

Flying Tiger is a chain from Denmark and I would say their biggest highlight is the prices, which are super, super affordable – remember we’re talking about New York! Seriously, I was looking at the products and did not believe in the labels. You can find products from $ 1 and I dare say that nothing in the store costs more than $ 20 – at least, I have not seen any product that was more than that. Stationery, decoration, candles, cards, fitness products: Flying Tiger has a mix of amazing products and nothing is obvious you know? They offer different and cute products which will make the joy of people that want to do this type of shopping in New York.

Remember that the chain – which opened stores here in New York last year – has three locations in Manhattan and its motto is to sell “things you did not even know existed.” That is, for this concept, as you can imagine that the store is a must to visit place, right? If you want to check more about the products and prices, just access the website.

Addresses: 1282 3rd Avenue / 424 Columbus Ave / 920 Broadway.

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