Fashion: 3 e-commerces that I love

It’s not a surprise that online shopping makes our lives easy and optimize time, right? I have been buying over the Internet for many years – even before moving to New York – and I confess: I love a box. After two years here, I am a loyal customer of Amazon and also know several cool virtual stores. There are categories and categories, and, speaking in fashion, my three darlings of the moment are those that show in this post today.

Nasty Gal – besides the company’s history be super cool – the founder, Sophia Amoruso started selling clothes on eBay – Nasty Gal is really different.. The clothes are very stylish and nothing obvious. It’s all very full of attitude, you know? Those who enjoy more daring pieces, will definitely love! I love staying snooping clothes – as much as I think has no style to hold outfits like that, hehehe. Also, please note that the creative vein remains on the accessories – I love th headbands. The lingerie are also mega different and, although I don’t love US shoes, Nasty Gal ones deserve honorable mention for style. Keep an eye on sunglasses section: there are styles from Quay,  an Australian brand, which are beautiful and much more affordable than with the famous brands designs. Nasty Gal has physical stores in California (Santa Monica and Melrose).

Lulu’s – the highlight of Lulu’s is also clothing, but its style is different from Nasty Gal. Dresses are absolute: the variety is amazing, with various styles, many color options and textures. Keep an eye on special collections: at the end of the year, there was a wonderful selection of looks for parties. In fact, there are several interesting pieces for special occasions. Again, you should check accessories section with jewelry, hats and also sunglasses fromQuay (seriously, you need to see the brand sunglasses! They are very amazing).

Bauble Bar – finally, a store dedicated exclusively to accessories, specifically jewelry! Bauble Bar has a wide and exciting selection of necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets. There are incredible designs on pieces of great quality. My tip is to give special attention to big necklaces- has a more beautiful than the other – and Earcuffs. There are very powerful models. Bauble Bar also makes some partnerships with famous figures and there is also physical space at Bloomingdale’s in New York (59th St & Lex Ave).

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