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Carthage Must Be Destroyed: cool restaurant in Bushwick

Write down there: I may be wrong, but today’s tip has everything to become one of those famous places in New York. I discovered the Carthage Must Be Destroyed through the Stories of some friends, who have been there. What I saw caught my attention, I searched about it and quickly included on my wishlist. Carthage Must Be Destroyed opened just over a year ago and it is located in Bushwick, a neighborhood in Brooklyn that is on the list of cool and developing spots in the city. It has like a speakeasy vibe, as it is somewhat hidden among some warehouses – and the restaurant itself sits in a large warehouse, identified on the outside by a pink pipe – no identical signs on the street.

Inside, the ambiance is really cool and if you love pink, you will surely fall in love. Tables, dishes and pink decoration in a spacious and comfortable environment. The place opens for breakfast and lunch, every day – and also for dinner, some days of the week. The highlight of the menu, of course, is the organic appeal of the dishes served there. The menu includes a selection of breakfast items, which are served all day: from toast to eggs – with prices ranging from $8 to $35. For lunch and / or dinner, the main dishes are the Sandwich Boxes, which are very generous dishes (can be shared easily) with toast, greens, cheese, vegetables, ham, eggs (depending on which option you choose). These dishes cost from $16 to $20. In addition, the menu also includes sides like egg, cheese, and yogurt, with prices ranging from $3 to $10 and soups, from $8 to $10.

At first, you may even think the Sandwich Box is expensive, but considering that the portion is large and can be shared, it becomes a good value for money. We ordered two and we shared everything – we were three people – and we could not eat it all. It is a good place only if you enjoy lighter, healthier dishes. We enjoy the vibe of the place and think it has everything to become a sensation in the city.

Address: 222 Bogart St.  Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday 9 am to 4 pm /  Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Sunday 9 am to 9 pm.

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