5 delights to try at Smorgasburg – open-air food market

I always say and I want to repeat: food is one of the most amazing things in New York. And particularly, exploring the cuisine of a place is what I like to do – so that’s why I don’t love chain restaurants. You can go to one or another place – there are some great chains – but you can limit your trip eating just at Hard Rock Cafe, Red Lobster and Olive Garden – if you do that, you do not know what you’re missing. Beyond the great restaurants with cuisines from around the world, the street food is something strong here too. It will not be hard for you to cross with cars on street corners and, during the spring / summer, the street food markets are everywhere, full of delights. Many restaurants, in fact, begin like this: being successful in the streets.

And one of the most famous street food markets in New York is Smorgasburg. It happens all year round n Brooklyn, but in summer it is cooler because the event rolls outdoor. More than 80 vendors offering the most diverse types of dishes and snacks, sweet and salt. But, there are 80 options – how to choose what to eat? Today, I list some suggestions of what is a must!

Truffle Fries, Home Frite – for those who do not know, truffle is a wild fungus found in the soil at certain times of the year. The black is from French and the white comes from Alba, city in Italy. This delicacy gives a unique flavor to food and potato made with truffle oil is a delight. The fris from Home Fry are homemade style, you know? There is always a huge line, but it worhts. The portion is very generous, costs $ 9, comes with special sauce and you can to share with someone quietly.

Ice Cream Sandwich, The Good Batch – Ice Cream Sandwich is common here in New York and I have tried a few. But surely the best of all was the one from The Good Batch. The Good Batch is a bakery specialized in handmade cookies and the result could not be better, right? The original version, The Goodwich, is made with chocolate cookies with sea salt, vanilla ice cream and a chocolate syrup. A perfect combination! US $ 5 on average.

Cone-Shaped Waffles, Wowfulls – the recipe originally from Hong Kong has won New York: waffles served in cone shape with ice cream and other toppings. Waffles are available in original version, green tea and chocolate. Wowfulls delights are also a great dessert option in Smorgasburg.

Mozzarella Sticks, Big Mozz – the team behind Big Mozz is firing up Neapolitan pizza this summer. They worked with a family owned shop in Maine to create custom copper-clad ovens that reach 1000 degrees. And their mozzarela sticks are also a good choice:  perfectly crispy on the outside and stretchy and gooey inside

Brisket Sandwich, Lonestar Empire – another success from Smorgasburg, Brisket Sandwich is a delight! The meat is a delicious testament to simple food done right. Ngo rubs down Angus beef with salt and pepper, and smokes it low and slow for up to 16 hours over mesquite wood shipped from Texas. It’s cooked until the fat renders and moistens the meat, the exterior caramelizes to a crisp black, and the whole cut is tender but still firm. $8.

And as we are talking about New York, we can not help but speak of the unusual gastronomical inventions – and Smorgasburg is full of them! Ramen Burger is responsible for one of the largest lines of the event – it looks like a burger that takes ramen pasta in place of bread even worth the wait! Someone is qualified to try? Another recent invention is the Stick Rice, from Bamboo Bites: rice topped with mango, chicken, papaya salad, pork or coconut. A mixture not very common, right? And if a common burrito is not enough, how about trying a burrito filled with french fries? The delicacy is from Best Buds Burritos. Finally, one of the weirdest desserts of 2016: Raindrop Cake, dessert made of mineral water and agar (a gelatinous substance made from seaweed).

The Smorgasburg happens every weekend in Brooklyn. On Saturdays, at East River State Park, Williamsburg. On Sundays, at Prospect Park. Always from 11am to 6pm, rain or shine, until November. Then, the food market goes to another location, covered. Check out the website to seed details and click locations to check the other addresses of Smorgasburg (with less vendors).

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