3 organic/natural cosmetics stores in New York City

It has been a while since a trend about being natural started around the world – there is a big “campaign” for people eat natural foods and avoid processed food. This trend is not restricted only to food but also to other segments, such as clothing, furniture and, of course, cosmetics. In recent years, the number of brands that provide natural cosmetics increased considerably. For those who want to follow this vibe, here in New York there are some shops where you can find a wide range of products and brands. There is everything: shampoo, nail polish, makeup, skincare.

Cap Beauty is a store focused on natural beauty products and where the diversity of brands and products is wide, including skincare itens, vegan and organic supplements. There are also makeup, sunscreen and fragrances line. The store is new: it was opened in early 2015 in the West Village. Everything there matches the slogan of the store: “Beauty is wellness. Wellness is beauty. ” Some brands available: African Botanics, Good Body Products, Eir, Kahina, Keys, Meow Meow Tweet, qet Botanicals and Raw Elements. Despite the short time in the market, the store has attracted the attention of celebrities like Brooke Shields and Helena Christensen. To complete, the store has a spa offering various treatments.

Address: 238 W 10th Street.

Whole Foods is supermarket chain with a organic/natural vibe and, in addition to food items, the place has a department dedicated to cosmetics – Whole Body – and is one of the most successful divisions. There, you can find products with organic and natural ingredients for body, face and hair. The section has a very nice size with a very large number of brands and products, and most with testers. Prices are also not expensive; of course they are not as cheap as those found in drugstores, for example, but they are reasonable. There are products from skin care, going through makeup and nail polish, even items for bath and body, hair color, sunscreen, items in travel size and cosmetics for men. The curator of Whole Foods is very careful with the products that are marketed. There is a list of ingredients that the chain does not approve. This means that all deodorants are aluminum free, the fragrances are formulated without phthalates and no products with artificial color. So when you see the word “organic” you can be sure that the product has been certified by the USDA or NSF International. Keep an eye on the Honest brand, from actress Jessica Alba, and also the makeup line from Juice Beauty, with natural pigments. To see more products, check out this post here.

Addresses:  270 Greenwich St / 95 East Houston St / 4 Union Square South / 10 Columbus Circle / 808 Columbus Av / 1551 3rd Av / 250 7th Av / 226 East 57th St Brooklyn: 214 3rd St.

Last year, H&M get in the beauty segment, with the launching of its new line of cosmetics, with makeup, nail polish and even items for hair – I wrote more details on this post. But it did not stop: in January, this year, the chain announced the launch of a cosmetics line as part of its Conscious Collection – which already has all this natural appeal. There are about 30 products for skin, hair and body free of paraben, silicone and synthetic fragrances. The best of everything? Unlike many organic products tend to have higher prices, any product costs over $ 13. The smell are quite delicious, as well as texture and packages are made from paper and recycled plastics.

Address: 1328 Broadway.

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