12 beauty brands and where to find them in New York City

You know that I love to share beauty tips here on the blog, on YouTube and on my Instagram. I always bring posts suggesting stores that you should visit here in New York and products that you should buy. In these almost three years writing about New York – and also about the beauty market in the city – I learned a lot about stores, products and brands. And if there are brands that are easily found in any Sephora or drugstore, there are also others that require a visit to a specific store. There’s always someone asking me: “Laura, where I can find the brand X in New York?”. And, because this, I decided to write this post to list some brands and their retailers in the city.

SkinCeuticals – founded in 1994, this skincare brand offers advanced products for skin care backed by science. Produced in the USA, the products are widely recommended by dermatologists in fighting photoaging signs and prevent future damage. Here in New York, you can find the products in Blue Mercury, a chain of beauty boutiques with several addresses in the city. You can check all here. And you can also check the prices here.

Sigma – this American makeup brushes brand gained popularity a few years ago because many bloggers, as Camila Coelho, who use and recommend the products in their tutorials. In fact, the quality of products is undeniable! And here in New York, you can find the brushes in Alcone Company (322 West 49th Street) and also in Birchbox (433 W Broadway). Check Alcone prices on this link and Birchbox on this link.

LimeCrime – this makeup brand is famous in the blogosphere and the Internetdue to the Velvetines, liquid lipsticks with matte finish which have an amazing coverage and beautiful and different shades. Most people think that you can only buy the products online – but the good news is that you will find them in the beauty section of Urban OutfittersCheck all the locations here.

Missha – the Korean brand is quite popular and known because of the BB Creams – especially the Perfect Cover, which has amazing coverage, SPF 50, among other benefits. In New York, you can find not only the BB Cream but also other brand products in Everyday Beauty Lab – 115 Bowery Street. Click here to see a video about the store.

Davines – Davines is an Italian brand of hair care products for beauty salons with natural formulas. To give you an idea, the brand started producing high quality products for hair care and skin care for famous cosmetic companies in the world and then created his own brand. Their formulas take natural ingredients of high-level, high-performance – they are excellent! In New York, you can find the Davines products in beauty salons and one of them is at Urban Outfitters Herald Square – 1333 Broadway. You can check the prices on the website. 

Kérastase – when we think about professional hair products, Kérastase, no doubt, is one of the most recognized brands. Widely used in beauty salons, the brand offers various products and effective treatments. Here in New York, you will find products at Harmon (675 Avenue of the Americas) and also in Ricky’s stores – check the addresses here.

Kryolan – quite famous among makeup artists and praised because the quality of its products, Kryolan is a professional German makeup brand. Two weeks ago, the brand finally opened his own store here in New York – which is at 277 Bleecker St. There, you can find all the products, including foundations, concealers, lipsticks, and other products.

La-Roche Posay – this French brand of skin care products is highly recommended by dermatologists and offers a good range of products for various skin problems. Here in New York, you will find the products in Blue Mercury stores  – you can check the addresses here – in CVS or Duane Reade scattered throughout the city, and also at Target.

Vichy – this is another skincare brand from Europe which is very famous – mainly because of sunscreens and also the Normaderm line, for oily skin. Here in New York, you can find the products in CVS or Duane Reade locations scattered throughout the city and also at Target.

Sebastian – the brand is part of the Wella Group, has over 40 years of history and offers professional products for hair care, known by the efficient formulas. Here in New York, you will find the products in the Ricky’s stores – check the addresses here and the prices here – and a check this tip: at Lot Less stores, there are always some brand products for very cheap prices – from $ 4. Check the addresses here.

Senscience – probably few people know that, but Senscience is a brand from Shiseido, which is famous for its skincare and makeup products. Senscience is a brand of hair productswith great formulas that contain Vitalock-6, an exclusive blend of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, lipids and proteins that help repair, moisturize and strengthen hair from inside out. Here in New York, you will find products at the Ricky’s stores – check the addresses here.

Charlotte Tilbury – Charlotte Tilbury é uma maquiadora inglesa super famosa, que trabalha com celebridades como Kim Kardashian, Kate Bosworth e Gigi Hadid. Sua linha de maquiagem conta com um mix de produtos super completo, com fórmulas eficientes e embalagens lindas. A marca só era encontrada aqui em Nova York na Bergdorf Goodman (754 5th Avenue) – mas, semana passada, foi lançada na Bloomingdale’s – 1000 Third Avenue. Cheque os preços aqui.

Charlotte Tilbury is a super famous English makeup artist who works with celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Kate Bosworth and Gigi Hadid. Her makeup line has a full mix of products with efficient formulas and beautiful packaging. The brand was only found here in New York at Bergdorf Goodman (754 5th Avenue) – but last week it was launched at Bloomingdale’s – 1000 Third Avenue. Check prices here.

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