10 cosmetics for men buy on the New York drugstores

I always write shopping lists with suggestions of products to buy in drugstores and other cosmetic stores in New York. Here, the offer is great and the price is attractive, so the idea is to give an idea of the products that I know, that I enjoy and recommend. Women usually go crazy pyre in this type of purchase, right? But what about the men? All though we know that most of them does not have an arsenal of creams and makeup as we, women, there are basic care such as shaving ritual and hair styling, that need great products. Proceeding from this, I prepared a list of interesting cosmetic for men who like to take care and who are willing to add more products to beauty routine.

Got2b Styling Gel, Schwarzkopf  – my husband, Thiago, uses gel every day and is very picky when buying this type of product. Since we moved to New York, he has tried several products, including some very expensive. The favorite is this one from Schwarzkopf, with very strong formula that styles the hair and lasts all day. $5

Clean & Clear Spot Treatment – Pimples are not just restricted to women, or just to adolescence period. In adulthood, they are quite common as well and I think no one likes this kind of “visitors”, right? This product has a formula with salicylic acid, one of the most effective ingredients to fight acne. You apply a little of the product on the pimple and it will speed up the healing process. $8

Out of this Swirled, Clean & Scrub, Olay – this line from Olay, Fresh Effects is great for oily skin. Citrus formulas help to give a sense of freshness to the skin and this is a 2 in 1 product that cleans and exfoliates. Exfoliation helps remove dead cells and promote a more thorough cleaning. $7

Lip Balm, Carmex – we know that men do not wear lipstick, but it doesn’t mean that the lips do not deserve attention. Whether in winter (mostly) or summer, our lips are exposed to weather conditions that damage the sensitive region of the mouth. Moreover, intense exposure to air conditioning also promotes dryness. The Lip Balm Carmex protects and moisturizes the region and is a classic. $2

Foam, Gilette – another product approved by my husband, this shaving foam is practical and super creamy, not to mention that even in the travel size version, has a great income! Besides that, it’s super cheap! $2.

Sport Face Sunscreen, Neutrogena – besides the protection factor is super high – 70 – this Neutrogena sun protector is ideal for sports, it is sweat-proof. Its formula is light and non-oily. $10

BB Cream Matte, Rimmel – “Wow, Laura, you will say to us wear makeup now?”. The skin color is not always a uniform and a lot of people – including men – suffer from blemishes and redness, especially those who have more bright white skin. BB Cream can be a good option to hide the problem because it does not have a formula as heavy as a foundation, in addition to sunscreen. This, Rimmel, has matte finish. $7

Vit Lift Moisturizer, L’oréal – L’oréal has a line of skin care specially developed for men and this moisturizing has firming and anti-wrinkle action, and SPF15. But remember: the other creams from shelves also serve for you, okay? There are not only for women. $12

Hand Cream, Eucerin – hands are one of the parts of our body that most denounce our age, you know? How about giving more attention to them? During the winter, the skin becomes dry and a cream helps maintain hydration – remember that the cuticles out also gaining with this habit, and get a beautiful appearance. $6

Post Shave Balm, Nivea – to be used after shaving, this balm is soft and has non-greasy formula with special moisturizers, vitamin E and provitamin B5. Immediately soothes the skin discomfort due to intense hydration shaving and provides long term. There’s even a special version for sensitive skin. $6

Did you like the post? Tell me! Do not forget that the best place to buy these cosmetics in New York is Harmon (22th St. to 6th Ave).

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