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Winter in New York City: 10 things to do

It seems like yesterday when summer arrived in New York … but, as we know that good things don’t last, summer already said goodbye and gradually the temperatures are falling. Soon, winter will be here – and also snow.  I know that winter in the city fascinates many people, but I always like to make a point: the city is much better during the spring / summer. There is much more to do! But if your schedule does not allow – or if you want to experience winter here, you must have a travel itinerary in hand, right? So here we have 10 things to do during winter here.
Of course that the suggestion number one would be ice skating! This activity is very popular in New York during the winter and there are several rinks. In Bryant Park, for example, access to the rink is free – you only pay for rent skates – an average of $ 15. The ice skating season starts in mid-October and runs through March. Other options include a skating rink at Central Park ($ 18 + access skates) and the Rockefeller Center ($ 40 + access skates, on average).
And if you really like snow and want to enjoy a more complete experience, you can spend a day in a ski station. Hunter Mountain, for example, is a few hours drive from the city. You can go by bus early, spend the day there (the station offers rentals of clothing and equipment) and return in the evening. Here, you can check schedules of buses and values. Another near and popular mountain is the Camelback Mountain.
And if the summer may not be the best season to try a lot of food, winter is perfect for eating! And nothing is better than a nice hot chocolate in New York! My favorite is from Max Brenner (841 Broadway). It has several flavors (including white and spicy). Another delight that is a great choice for winter is cookie! I love those from Insomnia Cookies, warm and various flavors, but the most famous of the city is from Leavain Bakery (167 W 74th St). And winter is also a good time for eating a plate of pasta and drinking a glass of wine. I suggest Porsena restaurant.
And, of course, we have the snow! The snow that attracts many Brazilians – but it is a pain in the ass for who lives here. Ok, you can not deny that the parks are beautiful all covered in snow and enjoy this scenery is a must-see program in the city. The problem is to predict when it is going to happen. Last winter, I remember it snowed for the first time here by December 8 – and look, we had snow in the first day of spring!
For those coming between early December and early January, the tip is enjoy Christmas atmosphere. The giant tree of Rockefeller Center is a symbol of the city. This year, it will be inaugurated on December 2th (and will be there until January 6th) and the event has several special attractions. Macy’s and Bergdorf Goodman are also good spots when it comes to Christmas decor. And if you want a different and unusual program, the tip is to go to Brooklyn and check out the Christmas decor of houses in Dyker Heights. Several houses VERY decorated. The area is located on 11th Avenue to 13th Avenue from 83rd to 86th St. To get there, use the R line to the station 86 St then take the bus B1.
New York has nice shows all the year – like Broadway plays – but at Christmas time there are seasonal shows, as the presentations of the New York City Ballet, which begin in late September and continue until May. Here, can you check out the full schedule. Another typical show of Christmas season is Rockettes, with performances from November to January. The calendar can be seen here.
Brookfield Place is nothing more than a shopping mall, focusing on luxury stores. Its architecture is very nice and your goal there doesn’t need to be spend money. The second floor has a food court with an amazing view of the Hudson River. The outdoor area also has a beautiful scenery, but because of the cold and the wind, you can not get to stick around for a long time . Another cool program is check the Le District, a French gourmet market that is there and has crepes, coffee shops, etc.
Since walking on the streets may not be the most pleasant thing in the world during the winter, you should probably focus on indoor places. And enjoy the food courts in the city is a great choice. New York is full of options – such as Chelsea Market, one of the most famous – but it has other several and I’ve done a guide here on the blog, just click here. These places are great to taste different foods!
Sunset is always a must-see program anywhere, right? It’s so good to see the spectacle that nature provides when the day is over! Particularly in winter, the sky gets different and beautiful colors! My tip is to go to Long Island City, Queens, and enjoy the sunset in the Water City View. The view is fantastic! Use the L line to get there.
Street markets are super famous in the city and there are Christmas special editions. It has a crafts fair from Bryant Park and Union Square. Both have goodies, food, decor items and a lot of other things that we love. Not to mention the pleasant atmosphere of Christmas! Union Square market begins about a month before Christmas and lasts about 30 days. Bryant Park usually closes in early January.

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