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Where to buy winter coats in New York City?

If you don’t live in a place with a strong winter, probably you don’t have a closet stuffed with a lot of winter clothes, right? And anyone traveling to New York in winter needs to be really prepared. In January and February, temperatures are constantly negative and it snows a lot. The truth is: it’s cold, it’s cold, it’s cold! But, calm down: I would say it’s a matter of time to get used to and be prepared to face the freezing temperatures. A frequent question of those who have a scheduled trip to the Big Apple during the cold season is: where to buy winter coats? So, I decided to make this guide, with cool shops and also tips for enjoy the cold days.

Uniqlo – it is a Japanese brand famous for its clothes with heat technology – you must wear clothes like that during winter here. There is male and female blouses, with long sleeves, with collar and no collar, of all colors. They really make a difference to keep you warm! There is also pantyhose – for men and women – great for use under pants. At Uniqlo, you will find the famous coats windproof and waterproof. The best thing about the brand is that prices are very good and the quality is amazing.

Locations: 31 West 34th Street / 666 5th Avenue / 546 Broadway.

Burlington – my favorite to buy winter coats! I am very small, so sometimes even the XS is not good for me, but at Burlington I always find nice coats that fits me – even if they are in the children’s section. It has items of famous brands such as London Fog and Calvin Klein, for more affordable prices. It’s like a final sale of good brands – you will hardly find a model with more than 1 or 2 sizes available. You have to be patient, but generally the pieces are sorted by size, so it is easy. Both the men’s selection as the women’s selection are great. There are also (fake) leather jackets at a great value – I found one there for $ 15! My favorite location is at Union Square.

Locations: 517 East 117th St / 707 Sixth Ave / 4 Union Square South

Century 21 – it is one of the most famous department store, outlet style. You can find very cool brands such as Vera Wang, DKNY, Vince Camuto, Kate Spade … prices may be more expensive than Burlington, but each coat model is available in a lot of sizes. Compared to the values practiced in “regular” stores, discounts on Century can reach 70%, so it’s worth taking a look.

Locations: 1972 Broadway / 22 Cortlandt Street / 61-35 Junction Blvd.

Marshalls / TJJ Maxx – these two stores are also final sale stores, with a lot of winter coats. The prices are really good and affordable. Another day, I saw a Kate Spade Saturday coat for $99 and another one from Jessica Simpson for $49. There is a lot of great brands, variety of colors and sizes.

Locations: TJJ Maxx  – 407 East 59th St / 808 Columbus Ave / 250 West 57th St / 620 Ave. Of The Americas / 14 Wall Street

Marshalls –  620 Ave of Americas / 2182 Broadway / 517 East 117th St, Ste 401 / 625 Atlantic Ave. / 96-05 Queens Blvd

Second hand shops – certainlythe most interesting option for those that want save money! At this time, these stores have a lot of winter coats and the prices are really good. Besides that, pieces are in a great condition. I have been visiting some places in the last weeks and I found coats for $15, $20, $60 – from brands like Barneys, DKNY and vintage items.

Locations: I love  Beacon’s Closet, Buffalo Exchange and Crossroads – you can check out a second hand shops guide here and also a video tour here

JC Penney – a lot of people goes to Macy’s to buy winter coats – and the store is a good option. But JC Penney has a lot of good brands, with great deals and different items.

Locations: 100 W 32nd St (Manhattan Mall, em frente à Macy’s!) / 92-59 59th Ave

Ok, warm coats are super important for winter in New York City. But there is some details that will make all the difference to protect you against low temperatures. First, remember to always dress using layers because you will need to remove some parts to enter any enclosed space here – the heat is strong.  Buy ear protectors – they can be easily be bought with vendors on the streets – it costs $ 8 on average. Don’t forget gloves, scarves and handkerchiefs – unprotected hands and neck will make you despair, I guarantee. Hats are also a good choice for cold days, in addition to being charming.

One last tip: appreciate good brands when you are buying a coat. Living here and about to face my third winter, I realized that the quality of the piece count for much – a jacket with durability is investment for life. Okay, you may not use the item in your home place, but you can use it in another trip at low temperatures.

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