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Vessel, newest New York City attraction, at Hudson Yards

There is always something new in New York City and this is one of the things that I mostly love about this city. Since I moved here, I have had the opportunity to closely follow many of these new places, such as the One World Observatory, 1 Brooklyn Bridge Hotel, Gulliver’s Gate and many other bars, shops, and countless restaurants. The future holds so much in New York that it makes us try to imagine how the city will be in 10 years. There are so many things! And one of the most anticipated news, at least for me, was the Hudson Yards’ inauguration, which officially opened on Friday, the 15th. It’s  the largest private real estate development in US history  since Rockefeller Center. Located between 10 and 12 avenue, and between 30 and 34 streets, west side of Manhattan, the Hudson Yards is connected to the High Line and subway line 7 and can be defined as a complex residential and commercial, as well as public space and an Equinox hotel – the first of the network. It also has shops, restaurants, an art space and a monument that will turn the city’s postcard: the Vessel (this name is gonna change)

Since it was announced, the Vessel has already enchanted me by its wonderful, modern, different and huge structure. Vessel was designed by Thomas Heatherwick. It has more than 154 flights of stairs, 2500 steps – it rises 150 feet above the ground, it seems a labyrinth and is breathtaking. Fantastic. This is one of the places that will go easy on my list of places to love in the city because it is simply incredible. The structure was manufactured in Italy and arrived in Manhattan after a 15-day boat trip. Although the Vessel had an original budget of $ 75 million, the project cost more than $ 150 million in a copper-steel structure.

One of the cool things about the Hudson Yards postcard is the free access. To enter, you need to book tickets online – for free – through the Hudson Yards website and select day and time. Please note that the booking window is two weeks.  Also, if the date you are looking at is sold out, check the website at 8am, as new tickets are released for the same day and for other days within the two-week window. However, even if you do not get the tickets, it’s worth seeing from the outside. In addition, there is a distribution of tickets in the place, depending on the day.


  • The elevator is ONLY for disable people. Baby strollers are not allowed (people leave parked outside).
  • You can only book 6 tickets at a time. For groups of 20 or more people, please contact
  • There is only entry time, there is no limit to staying in there, but I’d say it will take you at least 30 minutes to explore the structure.
  • Hudson Yards is close to the Hudson River and, because of that, winds up pretty much in the area, a factor that you should take into account when it comes to warming up, especially in winter. 

Although the Vessel is a highlight of the Hudson Yards, the complex has several other attractions. One of them is The Shops at Hudson Yards, a mall with nothing less than 7 floors and more than 100 stores – including the city’s first Neiman Marcus, a luxury department store. Among the names of this place, there are luxury brands like Cartier and Tiffany, and other popular brands like H&M, Sephora and Banana Republic. Oh, and it has several experimental and conceptual stores as well as restaurants.

Hudson Yards will be 100% completed in 2022 as there are some buildings still under construction. When that happens, 125,000 people are expected every day, whether they are residents, workers or tourists. Speaking of the future, we can highlight three great Hudson Yards projects:

  • One is the Mercado Little Spain, like a Spanish Eataly, from the renowned chef Jose Andres. There will be 15 food and retail kiosks offering tapas, products imported from Spain and more. It’s in a soft opening and the official opening is due to take place in early April and I’ll show it to you.
  • Also in April, there is the opening of The Shed, an exhibition space and performing arts venue. It will have six levels that will house 1,250 people seated or 2,700 standing.
  • And next year it opens in the Hudson Yards the fourth observatory of the city – Edge is in the 100th floor of 30 Hudson Yards. It is the largest open observatory of the Western Hemisphere, about 300 meters high.

How to get there: just use subway line 7 to Hudson Yards. In addition, the complex is connected to the end of the High Line Park.

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