UrbanSpace Vanderbilt – a new food court in New York City

New York is a very rich city in gastronomy regard. Besides the restaurants with cuisines from around the world, from street carts, the different food inventions, street fairs, there are many food courts. I’ve done a post on the blog talking about a few ones and today the post is to show you UrbanSpace Vanderbilt, that it has been opened some weeks ago. Located near the Grand Central, it is a good option to try a tasty and fairly priced food.

UrbanSpace Vanderbilt belongs to the same group that organizes Mad. Sq. Eats, a street food fair that is successful here in New York. The place brings together 21 vendors offering the most diverse types of dishes and snacks – hot dogs, fried chicken, seafood, Mexican, pretzels and pizza winning Roberta’s (already won several times as the best pizza in town). Think of a food court in a shopping mall where you buy your plate and there is a collective area to sit and eat. This is how the place is designed – but the difference is that here there is no famous restaurant chains and fast food, but local vendors. The prices are affordable and what I think that is cool about a place like this is that you can eat a little bit of everything and share with anyone to try more things. We, for example, ate pizza from Roberta’s (we chose the small, which costs $ 10 and has 4 slices), La Palapa tacos (2 for $ 12) and a chocolate crepe with coconut from Bar Suzette ( $ 9).

Everything was very tasty. The only bad part of the place is to decide where to eat! UrbanSpace Vanderbilt also has lobster, differentiated donuts, coffee, Greek food, ice cream … In short, for all tastes – for a lunch, a snack…

The UrbanSpace Vanderbilt is open from Monday through Friday from 6:30 am to 9pm and on Saturdays and Sundays from 9am to 5pm. To check out more information, just access the website.

Address: corner of Vanderbilt Avenue at 45th Street.

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