The 5 most famous videos on my YouTube channel

If you read my blog regularly, you will realize a failure in schedule this week: we do not have new videos! The point is that I was a month in Brazil, I went back, I traveled to Mexico and I had no time to shot new videos. I promise that next week the situation normalizes. But, how about we take advantage of the situation and make a retrospective moment? Today I bring you the five most watched videos of the channel. It’s time to catch up on!

Micos de brasileiros na visão de um americano (e outras diferenças culturais) – Brazilian failures in the view of an American (and other cultural differences) – is the champion in views, it’s a viral. Although the intention was good – comment on cultural differences and as an American to see some things that Brazilians do – some people took the business it personally a very serious way. He became the biggest controversy! hehehe


A tour in my apartment in New York – this video is old. It was recorded after we moved to this apartment and I swear I did not expect so many views! My proposal was not flamboyant, but showing some differences in housing here.

Tag – Living outside Brazil – how I got in NY – despite being a long video, I think the curiosity of people just talking louder. This tag is famous on YouTube, and I think that also helped boost viewership. But anyway, if you are curious to learn more about my story, there’re a chance.

Brazilians in New York: 7 fears and myths – lifestyle and behavior videos always render! In this, I talk about some failures that tourists end up committing and also on the wrong view of some things.

How to dress in the winter in New York – finally, the volume of Brazilians who plan to travel to New York during the winter seems to be very big, right? And as here the low temperatures are not kidding, it’s good to know more about how to dress properly.

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