Shorty’s NYC in New York: authentic cheesesteaks, assorted beers and football

Our routine here in New York hardly includes a night out on Sundays. We like to go out at night on Fridays and Saturdays and Sundays we always get lazy. But last Sunday it was different … we spent the whole day at home and decided to go out to eat. Our choice was Shorty’s, a bar specializing in cheesesteaks. For those who are not familiarized, cheesesteak is a sandwich made with meat and melted cheese on a baguette bread. The meat is cut into very thin, braised slices. This sandwich is classic and traditional in Philadelphia, where it was created.

Shorty’s promises to offer the best and most authentic cheesesteak of Philadelphia in New York. In fact, the menu is very complete. There are the Philly Steak Sandwiches, which carry about 1/2 lb of meat or chicken, depending on your choice, with assorted extra ingredients such as bacon, lettuce and tomato. They cost between $11 and $13. Our choice was the Steak Club, with mayo, lettuce, bacon and cheese. As it is a baguette bread, can you imagine the size? We shared it and it was more than enough – and truly delicious! We also ordered a portion of fries (Italian Fries, with grated cheese and herbs on top). The $6 portion is super generous and, without lies, one of the best fries I’ve ever eaten, very crunchy.

In addition to the Philly Steak Sandwiches, the menu also features South Philly Style Sandwiches (with pork, mortadella or chicken accompanied by other ingredients), plus vegetarian sandwiches, some varieties of burgers and salads – all at the same average price, around $12. There are other sides, such as fries with bacon, chicken wings and nachos, with prices starting at $5. And since Shorty’s is a bar, we can forget to emphasize the variety of beers … there are more than 17 types, on tap and bottles, with prices starting at $ 5. On the official website, you can check the full menu.

Another highlight of Shorty’s is that it is a meeting point for anyone who wants to follow the American football games. The place has at least 8 televisions broadcasting the NFL and it is fascinating to feel the energy of the people cheering and vibrating. Remember that Shorty’s offers special promotions for Happy Hour (Monday through Friday from 11am to 7pm and Tuesday open to close): $5 beers and $6 drinks. There are also the Nightly Specials, with deals from 7pm to 12am – each night a special discount and you can check out the options for each day here.

Did you like this suggestion? Best of all: Shorty’s has four locations in New York City, opening 11 am – it is a great option for lunch, happy hour or dinner! You can also follow the Fan Page.

66 Madison Avenue – 576 9th Avenue – 62 Pearl Street – 1678 1st Ave.

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