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Secrets and tips for shopping at Sephora

One of the things I always say here on the blog and also on my Youtube channel is that beauty shopping in New York is not only about drugstores and Sephora. But, we know that classics are classics, and it’s impossible to resist a visit to Sephora, right? The store is a real playground for those in love with beauty! And if you are plannin gto stop by Sephora during your time in NYC, it’s good to check out these tips!

1. Samples, samples, samples – Did you know that you ask a sample of any product at Sephora? Explain to the seller that you want to try the product before buying. You can ask f a sample of any product of the store, including makeup, skincare and fragrances. It happened with me. I was with a friend at a Sephora and were super curious about a product from Benefit and the seller was super solicitous and gave us a sample so we could try it.

2. Free Makeovers  – a Sephora beauty expert will give you a free 15-minute makeover, no purchase required and no appointment necessary. You can choose from Smoky Eye, Perfect Lips, Treat & Conceal, Blush & Bronze, Everyday Eye, Essential Eyeliner, Flawless Foundation and False Lashes. There are also full-face makeovers available but they require a minimum purchase of $5o.

3. Beauty Insider – Sephora Beauty Insider program is completely free. When you sign in, you can get a birthday present – you can get at any of the stores during the month of your birthday (yes, free, without  purchases – or free with a purchase on the website). In addition, with each purchase in a store or on the website, you earn points (which can be exchanged for products) and go up in status and gain access to more benefits. You can check all the details on the program page.

4. Beauty Classes – Sephora stores here in the USA offer free Beauty classes. There are free classes at all Sephora locations in NY. Check out more information. Maybe you learning something your stay in the city? In addition to learning makeup techniques, you can try the products in a different way. The classes are 100% free, you only need to be enrolled in the Beauty Insider program.

5. Biggest Sephora location in the US is in NYC – in March, Sephora opened its largest US store in Herald Square, near Macy’s, one of the busiest areas of the city.It’s approximately 11,380 square feet and contains over 13,300 products. It’s one of six Sephora Beauty TIP Workshop concept stores in North America. These stores  are unlike the average Sephora store not just because of their size but also due to the fact they provide a variety of interactive and experiential tools and services such as Moisture Meter, a technology that is able to measure the amount of moisture in your skin and  the FragranceIQ station, a station that helps you discover the right fragrance for you and even personalize a bottle with your initials. It is certainly a store that is worth visiting if you are passionate about beauty. 112 W 34th St.

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