Restaurants of the week: Burger Joint & La Esquina

Some weekends are not so good when we talk about food.  Sometimes, it’s because the restaurant is not so special, or because we order food online, or because I cooked (I love to cook!). But this was not what happened last weekend: I have been at many new places and I was excited to tell you everything about it. This time, the tips are about burger and Mexican cuisine.

Burger Joint –  Burger Joint is one of the most famous burgers in New York – in fact, is so famous like its lines, something that always ended up making me avoid going there. There are two locations in New York – and perhaps the best known of them is the one that is inside Le Parker Meridien Hotel. I had lunch with a friend on Wednesday and we decided to go there. There was a line, yes, but it was relatively fast. This is because, contrary to what many people may think, Burger Joint is no fancy or glamorous. It is like a fast food: you order, you pay, you get a table (not an easy task, since the place is small) and get your order when they called your name. While you are waiting in the line, there is a custom menu to choose how you want your burger – and it is available in several languages. You choose between options like burger, cheeseburger, double burger and toppings such as tomatoes, lettuce and mayonnaise, and you can add potatoes and soda. The price of a burger – traditional – is an average of $9. Now you must be wondering: is it worth? Yes! The burger is very very tasty, the meat is well prepared and soft. Rather, it is one of the best I’ve ever eaten here in New York, but being honest, my favorite is still Umami Burger – I talked about it in this post.

Adressses: 119 West 56th Street / 33 West 8th Street. 

 by CHLOE – vegetarians and vegans have not to complain about: in this regard, New York has a lot of cool restaurants. I always say that the city is a nice place for those who follow a special diet or have any food restrictions. by CHLOE is a vegan restaurant led by award-winning chef Chloe Coscarelli, vegan for 10 years, and author of several books. Since it opened last year, it has been a sensation in the city, with constant lines and lots of good reviews. Although I am not vegan, I was super curious to try the food and Friday we have been there. There was a line, which was not long. The place is not big and is nothing fancy: you make your order and wait. If you are not alone, it’s better to guarantee a table. The menu includes burgers, sandwiches and salads. We chose the Classic Burger – with tempeh, lentils and chia – and also the guaca Burger – with quinoa, beans and guacamole. The burgers are delicious, with texture and seasoning so good it does not seem that it is not meat, you know? We also ordered fries, a drink  and a smoothie, also very tasty. The price of the burgers is average of $ 8. I highly recommend it!

Addresses: 185 Bleecker Street / 60 West 22nd Street / 240 Lafayette Street.

La Esquina – I always heard so many good things about La Esquina, a Mexican restaurant that is “hidden” in the basement of a deli. I really wanted to check out the place – and we have been there on Sunday, after trying to make a reservation for a long time. The place is always packed – which only increased my curiosity. Our reservation was for 6pm, when the restaurant opens. Access is through a door written “Employees only” in the deli where the restaurant is tucked away. At 6-m, one member of the staff came up and organized the entry of everybody that had a reservation. The environment is really cool and soon it got crowded. A good idea is order several plates to share – because everything is small, which made me feel little disappointed. We ordered corn (famous and delicious like the one from Cafe Habana), pork ribs, tostadas, tacos (seafood) and aquacate, a plate with avocado and pico de gallo. Everything was very tasty. However, I am not sure if would return to the place: the plates are small and you end up having to order a lot – and the prices are not cheap (average of $ 8 to $ 15 – at the end, our check was expensive). It worthed the experience, but I think my expectations were too high and I was disappointed.

Address: 114 Kenmare St.

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