Restaurant in Koreatown: Soju Haus

In some areas of New York, the influence from another culture is so strong that we do not even feel that we are in the United States. This is the case of Chinatown and Flushing – which I have talked here on the blog – and these are neighborhoods with strong oriental influence. I confess that I am not a fan of Chinatown in Manhattan, but I love Flushing, Queens. And in Manhattan, another very cool area for those who enjoy oriental culture is Koreatown, which is on the 32th St area between Broadway and Fifth Avenue. It is a relatively small neighborhood, but full of shops, cafes and Korean restaurants. I love oriental food and there are always restaurants with different and delicious dishes. Today, I will talk about Soju Haus, which I’ve been on Friday.

Soju Haus was a suggestion from a Korean colleague of my husband – and when the suggestion comes from someone with knowledgeable, we should trust it, right? Soju is the most popular liquor in Korea and the idea of the restaurant is to impact people the same way as the soju impacts the Korean people. The restaurant has a super cool and lively atmosphere, perfect for the night. On the menu, pork, chicken, shrimp and beef dishes,  as well as noodles and soups. The prices are great, ranging from $ 10 to $ 25. And one of the restaurant’s menu highlights are the daily specials. On Fridays and Saturdays, for example, the place serves Baby Back Ribs and tt costs $ 15, for two people. It was our choice of the night.

Baby Back Ribs is something is very common here in the US and I have tried it in many, many places. This one, from Soju Haus, was one of the best I have ever tried. The meat melts, super soft. We share the dish and still order a portion of shrimp dumplings, eight units. Dumplings are very traditional in oriental cuisine, they are small pasta stuffed, and can be fried or cooked. I love! Portions cost from $ 6 to $ 10. You can click here to check out the full menu and specials each day.

Another highlight of this restaurant – that was successful on my Instagram – is the Frozen Beer. It costs $ 6 and comes with a generous and lightly frozen foam. The beer itself is a delight and remains very cold until the end – here in New York, cold beer is something rare!

Address: 315 5th Avenue  – 2nd floor. Open every day 5pm.

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