Podcast #7 – Why I love New York City

When I launched my podcast, Let’s Talk New York,  I explained that the idea was to have episodes in English too. There are so many amazing people in New York and I didn’t want a language thing limiting my content.  Well, here we are: the first episode in English. Eljay Aguilo is my first guest. He’s the guy behind the @whyilovenewyorkcity Instagram profile – a photo documentary about that New York City Feeling or as the famous single Billy Joel would say the “New York State of Mind”. Basically, his profile brings pictures of New York, taken by Eljay, and he always has inspiring quotes about his love for NYC. So, you are not going to find those cliche quotes about the city. Well, everything is inspiring, but you have no idea how this love story has begun.  He has moved to New York City with a broken heart, met the love of his life and created this amazing project, that brought him so many great opportunities. 



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