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Nyx store in New York City

As a true beauty lover, it’s obvious that I feel like a kid when I hear about a new product or a new store in New York. That’s how I was every time that I heard about some Nyx opening store. The brand is easily found here in the United States on chains such as Target and CVS – and, in New York, you can also find it at Harmon and Ricky’s. Last year, Nyx decided to open stores in the country – starting in California. This year, East Coast also got its Nyx stores – with locations in New Jersey, Brooklyn and Queens. Imagine my excitement when I learned, a few months ago, that Nyx would open a store in Manhattan! They had a special event to celebrate the opening las Thursday and I was there checking everything. And I could not help myself and show you, as the brand is so well known.

First, I to say that the store exceeded my expectations – it’s huge, huge! I never imagined it would be so great. I have no doubt that will be the perfect place for a complete shopping experience. The store is super bright, with beautiful benches to try the products and tablets for you to check out videos tutorials and tips. The store also has a space for you to customize your eyeshadows palettes – you choose the colors and design it as you wish.

Another thing that caught my attention was the products display. Everything is divided according to the categories: lips, eyes, skin. One of the things that made me more excited about it was, of course, the product mix. Nyx has many products – and it was possible to buy many of them in the city’s stores. But something was always missing. I, for one, never found the pigments in stores here in NYC. Now, in this store, you will find not only the pigments but also glitters, nail polsih, primers, new metallic liquid lipsticks, brushes, bags and other accessories. After all, we are talking about a Nyx store, then, you can not miss anything, right? Makeup lovers will be crazy!

It’s also good to remember something very important, that several people have asked me: prices. Nyx is known by good products at affordable prices. And it does not change at the store. Most of the products do not cost more than $ 10. To give you an idea of values, just check out the website.

Address: 41 Union Square West.

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