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NYC Bucket List – 10 amazing places and experiences

It is impossible to get to know New York City in only one trip, and by now I think you should know that, right? I’ve been writing about New York for almost six years and if it wasn’t for my blogging, channel, and Instagram, I highly doubt I’d have known so many different places around here. Not to mention the restaurants and shops. New York is a city that reinvents itself every day. There is news every year – and every season the city presents itself in a new way to people. So no: don’t think you will know the whole city in 7 days here because you won’t …  But, you know what? That is the fun of the Big Apple. A lifetime here is not enough to enjoy it all.

And because New York is such an intense city, with so much to see and do, a lot of people get lost in organizing the itinerary of their first trip here – believe me, after the first trip, you get the feeling of it and also discover your style, your way to explore the city! We already had a blog post here listing the 10 places to check out for the first time in the city. Today I bring you suggestions for 10 more places and experiences.

1. The Vessel – open early this year at Hudson Yards, Vessel was designed by Thomas Heatherwick. It has more than 154 flights of stairs, 2500 steps – it rises 150 feet above the ground; it seems a labyrinth and is breathtaking. Fantastic. The structure was manufactured in Italy and arrived in Manhattan after a 15-day boat trip. Although the Vessel had an original budget of $ 75 million, the project cost more than $ 150 million in a copper-steel structure. One of the cool things about the Hudson Yards postcard is the free access. To enter, you need to book tickets online – for free – through the Hudson Yards website and select day and time. Please note that the booking window is two weeks.  Also, if the date you are looking at is sold out, check the website at 8 am, as new tickets are released for the same day and for other days within the two-week window.  In addition, there is a distribution of tickets at the place.

  • Tip: If you are visiting the city in the winter, pay attention to your outfit as it is a windy area. Oh, try to visit the place near sunset time, the light is magic!
  • Check out more info about The Vessel.

2. Ride a bike –This activity is probably a little more difficult in the freezing months, but if you come from April to November, I think it is super possible to explore some part of the city by bike. It’s one of the things I love to do here most – especially when it’s warm. Probably the tips you saw related to this subject involves Central Park tour, right? Yes, really not a bad idea. But, remember that there are several other amazing cycling spots in town. My favorites are Bobby Wagner Walk, next to FDR, on the east side of the city, across Randalls Island; Hudson River Park, on the west side, and Riverside Park.

3. Roosevelt Island – This residential island located between Manhattan and Queens, it’s a great place to visit – and it’s good to escape from Manhattan. Many people relate Roosevelt Island with the Roosevelt Tramway – that makes the path between Manhattan and the small island. There is also a subway line to got there – F – but using the Tramway is much more beautiful and fun. Remember that you get a ride in the Tramway with your Metrocard – and the station is located at 60th St and Second Avenue. The path is super fast, and the Tramway passes next to Queensboro Bridge, a fantastic view! After you get off the Tramway, walk toward the south. The path includes views to the East River, Upper East Side and you can also see buildings like Chrysler Building, Empire State, ONU building and One World Trade Center. You can also go to the north of the island to see the lighthouse!

4. Cruise  – I think I’ll never get tired of seeing New York from the water. I could take a cruise every day, and I’m sure that every day I would sigh and be enchanted by this city. I’ve done several cruises, and it’s always special. A dinner cruise or a brunch cruise is an unforgettable experience for your trip. Imagine a special meal, with special views on a boat that is not crowded. I’m sure that it is an amazing choice!

5. Long Island City views – For two or three years now, tourists are discovering Long Island City. This Queens neighborhood is just one subway stop away from Manhattan and has been the choice of many travelers, since hotels there usually have lower prices and conveniences, such as larger rooms and even breakfast. And it’s in Long Island City that’s one of the parks with a beautiful view of the city skyline, the Hunters Point. Last year, the park’s expanded area was open – and you will find amazing spots for pics and beautiful views!

6. Having a drink on a rooftop – One of the coolest things to do here in New York is to go to a rooftop. Located on the terraces of city buildings – mostly hotels – rooftops are bars with beautiful views. There are numerous rooftops in the city, and the cool thing is that there is always a new space opening. Want some tips? Westlight, located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, Skylark, located in Midtown, and Rooftop Refinery, also in Midtown.

7. Exploring West Village and Soho – you probably already know about these neighborhoods, but I believe many tourists underestimate the areas, as they don’t have any super tourist spots. But the fun of these neighborhoods is to walk aimlessly, explore their charming streets, discover cute cafes, delicious restaurants, interesting shops. Allow yourself to know these little secrets of the city.

8. Exploring the charming South Street Seaport – This was an area heavily affected by Hurricane Sandy and has recently been revitalized and continues to receive improvements. Located in Downtown, South Street Seaport retains a super-cute architecture with charming streets, restaurants, pubs, movie theatre and even a Sarah Jessica Parker’s shoe store. And the brand new Pier 17 is located nearby, with restaurants, a rooftop with summer concerts and incredible views of the Brooklyn Bridge.

9. Ballet -if you’ve ever checked a Broadway musical from your list, how about adding a ballet concert? The New York Ballet calendar has four seasons: Winter (late January to early March), Spring (late April to early June), Fall (mid-September to mid-October) and George Balanchine’s The Nutcracker (from late November to late December). Tickets can be purchased through the website or at the theater box office. Prices start at $40 on average.

10. Sunset at Brookfield Place -the Downtown area has many famous and tourist spots – such as the 9/11 Memorial and One World Observatory. Be sure to stop by Brookfield Place as well! Although it is a luxury mall and its stores do not fit the budget of many people, the place features Le District, a French food market, and a charming outdoor area overlooking the Hudson River. Weather permitting, have a drink at one of the restaurants/bars, with tables outside!

Did you like these tips? On my Bublup folder, I put my New York Basics, a free, super-practical guide with tips for your first time in New York. The pdf brings together the 10 classic attractions of the city, the 10 experiences listed in this post + attractions prices, shopping links and various other practical tips to make your planning easier, optimize your trip and prevent you from getting scammed lol. Bublup is a wonderful platform for organizing your trip – think of it as a Pinterest + Google Drive! In addition to the New York Basics, I’ve made several folders with helpful tips and links for you:

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