New H&M Beauty Line

I confess: my expectation is never good about cosmetics lines from fast fashion. I already bought some Forever 21 line itens, for example, and despite the price is super cheap, I can’t tell you the same thing about the quality and pigmentation. Same thing happens for H&M cosmetics, which had some glosses, bronzers and eyeshadows palettes for a few dollars and super simple packaging. But I have to say that I was very curious when I hear the buzz about the launch of new H&M beauty line, which hit retail stores last Thursday. Here in New York, the occasion had a special event with a famous Youtuber and everything. On Friday, I went to check everythinhg at Herald Square store – the world’s largest one.

And no, we are not talking about 4 or 5 products that are exposed next to the cashiers. We’re talking about a complete super line, with more than 700 items that include makeup, fragrance, hair and body products in a particular store sector, which includes testers for customers try everything. According to the concept designer, H&M see beauty as “fashion for the face” – a fun part of building your look. The product design project took more than three years.


I would say that makeup items are the ones that draws more attention. The lipstick range of colors surprised me – there is matte liquid lipsticks, in beautiful and well pigmented colors. For face,  the collection offers liquid foundation with sunscreen – heavy coverage – compact foundation, matte finish powder and blush. And there are innovative products such as the creamy  foundation palette in dark tones – good for those with black skin or even for those who want to play contour – and concealer palette. A range of single color eye shadows is vast – and pigmentation surprised me. And this is not everything: there are all products that can be expected from a makeup brand today, as a primer, bb cream, eyeshadow palette and eye brown  palette. Makeup collection is complete with some brushes – that look very good! – and also another accessories such as eyelash curler and sponges. We can forget nail polish line with many, many colors.

For hair, H&M presents some interesting products, such as Sea mist hair spray, for a messy hair effect,  shine spray and volume spray, as well as a primer and blowout cream. Beaut line also has body care products, with scented spray, lotion, liquid soap and exfoliating. Phew! Yes, H&M is officially in the beauty game!

I can’t finish this post without mentioning the makeup design packaging – everything looks very sophisticated. But the good news is that everything costs less than $ 25, a very competitive price. I don’t know if all the stores will feature this beauty department, but in New York you can check out all the products at Herald Square location on 34th Street and Broadway.

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