Levain Bakery and the best cookie in New York

You should know that a very common sweet not only here in New York, but in the United States, is cookie, right? It is not difficult to find it here – from Subway franchises to the Starbucks coffee and local bakeries, there is the chocolate chip cookie (the most popular). But, as with many dishes and foods, it is clear that these cookies are not all the same – and not all of them are delicious. One of the most famous of New York is the one from Levain Bakery.
The most famous cookie has chocolate – a lot of chocolate – and walnuts in a generous format, plumper, and it can even be hard to be eaten by one person. It comes warm, toasty, with the serious risk of making you smear with melted chocolate. Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, it sure is a good reason to go off the diet.
We chose the traditional flavor as well as the Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Chip, a chocolate cookie whose peanut butter filling and no, it is not cloying. The peanut butter used is not excessively sweet, which balances the flavor. Remember that the Levain Bakery also has two other cookie flavors: Oatmeal and Dark Chocolate Chip. Each cookie costs $ 4.
But, not so fast! Before you put your hands in your cookie, you will face a line like that. We went there on Saturday and waited about 15 minutes, and, from what I heard, lines happen every day. Now, my verdict: it is a wonderful cookie? Yes, it’s a wonderful cookie. It is the best of New York? Don’t know. I really enjoy cookies from Imsonia Cookies – as freshly baked and warm as those from Levain, in my opinion – and there is no lines and multiple locations in the city.
Levain Bakery has 2 addresses here:
Upper West Side 167 West 74th St. 
Harlem 2167 Frederick Douglass Boulevard 

Here it is: The best cookie in all of New York.

Posted by INSIDER on Terça, 13 de outubro de 2015

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