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Iridium Bar – a jazz club in New York City

Lost in the middle of the neons signs in Times Square there is a small place that spoils everything around you. It is one of the best secrets of the heart of the island. Little. No spotlight. And I found out about it when I was not looking for it.  It was 2008. It was cold. It was snowing vigorously. And I, still a kid, was walking through what is now the mausoleum of the New York music scene: 48th Street. After a tiring afternoon trying instruments, I decided to return to the hotel. And, luckily, I passed by the entrance.

As someone who does not want anything, I decided to come back at night to make sure the person mentioned on the poster was, in fact, who I thought it was. Here I open a brief explanation: on the poster was the name and the photo of who created the most famous guitar model in the history of music. An icon who, in his 80s and many years was still entertaining himself – while entertaining the others – playing weekly at that place.

And in a succession of successions, I have known what is now an obligatory stop when I am in New York. Do not go for the food. Although honest, there are better ones. But if you order it, choose the starters or the hamburgers. Don’t go for the drinks. They are nothing memorable compared to the best bars in town. Go for the music. Go purely for music. There, not infrequently, you find geniuses for modest prices. Greg Howe. Jon Satriani. Buddy Guy. Paul Reed Smith. Les Paul. These are some geniuses have been there and some of those that still play there. Iridium definitely does not belong to Times Square. But Times Square definitely belongs to Iridium.

Click here and check out Iridium calendar.

Address: 1650 Broadway. 

This post was written by Gustavo Camargo: Marketer, travel fan; Hates airplanes more than the last Fantastic Four movie. NY fan, when he got a chance, he visits the Big Apple. 

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