Hair: 4 brands with stores in New York City

New York has many options in cosmetics for hair and you don’t need to be restricted only to what is trending on social media. In addition to the drugstore items and the successful and professional brands that crowd the shelves of Ricky’s, there are other interesting brands, great products, with shops in the city. How about knowing some of them to include in your script?

Aveda – Aveda has several licensed salons in New York, but the brand also has its own stores. The name, Aveda, is rooted in Ayurveda, an Indian secular healing tradition, based on the idea that the essence of the natural elements – infinity, air, fire, water and earth – are found in all living beings. The herbal formulas (like buriti and argan) have been at the heart of the development of Aveda products since its founding in 1978. Their line is characterized by unsurpassed aroma profile – so much so that the brand works with an expert team in the use essential oils to create the most powerful formulas for hair, skin and body. Many people only relates to hair care brand, but the truth is that it has a full mix – including makeup. Keep an eye on the line Smooth Infusion (best seller of the brand), which promises smoother hair every use. For those with fine hair, the hint is Invati line, which reduces fall by 33%. Oh, it is worth remembering that the Aveda stores offer specials and free services such as massage hands and tasting tea.

Addresses: 140 Fifth Avenue / 10 Columbus Circle / 87 E 42nd Street.

Bumble & Bumble –  with customers like Kim Kardashian and Sarah Jessica Parker, Bumble & Bumble went from a cool salon in New York for a strong brand in hair care and several successful lines. The focus of Bumble & Bumble is to create products that make the experience of hairdressers exceptional; so all items are aimed at high performance. In addition to being found in Sephora and other shops in town, the Bumble & Bumble also has shops attached to their halls, which makes it the most complete shopping experience, because the client can view the entire product mix. Their line includes super differentiated items such as Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil, composed of six oils in its formulation. Keep an eye on finisher Shine On (And On …), which adds shine and texture to hair. And special attention to the line Straight, which is ideal for those who like straight hair, because the products are good allies to make brush. Oh, and also check out the BB Full Potential line, which reduces hair loss by up to 46% in a month. The Meatpacking store still has an amazing view of the city.

Addresses: 146 E 56th Street / 415 W 13th Street.

Carol’s Daughter – it has been more than 20 years that Lisa Price created Carol’s Daughter and its products are recognized for using natural extracts in their formulas. Lisa began working with cosmetics in her kitchen – she was in love with fragrances, and its first products were bath oils and body butters. But taking the items to the street, she noticed that many women were asking for hair care products – to hydrate or to grow. That was when she decided to invest in the hair segment, main highlight today of its product mix. There are several specific lines: For relaxed hair, damaged, dry, fine, frizzy and colored. Ingredients include cupuaçu and marula. But the collection goes beyond the items for hair and has skincare products – the açai line is ideal for dry skin – and body care – including body butters with moisturizing mega formulas. In New York, besides being present at stores like Ricky’s, Carol’s Daughter has two stores. The cupuaçu line for hair (shampoo, conditioner, mask and cream to brush combat frizz) is one of the best-selling brand and is suitable for all hair types. Marula Curl Therapy line is recommended for those with curly hair and provides curls twice more defined. Be sure to try the body butters – scented mega and super moisturizing.

Addresses: 24 West 125th Street / Brooklyn: 139 Flatbush Avenue.

Nexxus Salon – the Nexxus is a Unilever group premium brand and its products can be found in some drugstores and beauty stores, but the shopping experience is more complete in the salon in the city. The room is neat and in addition to offering the classic salon services, there is the possibility of checking out the whole mix of brand products. In the philosophy of Nexxus, shampoo and conditioner have a purpose, but are customized to work together as part of a total system that ensures more nutrition to the hair. There are several “systems”, which are the product collections designed for specific needs and care: reconstruction, rejuvenation, maintenance of color, volume … There are still, of course, styling products that help in designing hairstyles. Especially the Encapsulate Serum with a high concentration of protein and caviar complex. Its formula helps restore the wires and provides softness. The Hydra-Light line is ideal for those who like lighter formulas that do not weigh the hair – the leave-in is in foam!

Addresses: 39 North Moore Street.

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