Generation Beauty in New York City: event and news

I love a beauty event! And those who follow me on Instagram (laura_peruchi) and on Snapchat (lauraperuchiny) saw that this weekend I went to check Generation Beauty here in New York. The event is organized by ipsy – cosmetics subscription service here in the US.  It was the firste time that the event happened here – it comes from Los Angeles. Ipsy service was designed by Michelle Phan – a Youtuber real phenomenon here in the US.

In addition, a lot of brands were selling products with special discounts. In addition to the products you earned in the stands, you could participate in actions. Eva Nyc was giving away a full kit products + one bike for all those posting a picture with the established hashtag. Temptu was giving two TemptuAir every two hours for those posting a photo with hashtag Airbrushanywhere – which I was one of the winners!

I could not avoid to check the new products and brands that I did not know. Here, a few highlights of what I saw in Generation Beauty:

 –  Bliss makeup line – Bliss is famous for skincare products and body care – remember the Fat Girl line, with creams to reduce fat?  Their packaging is modern, with very interesting formulas and funny. Now, Bliss got into the makeup market and the line was being presented at the event, Bliss Color. The concept goes beyond makeup – it is skincare with pigmentation.

– Eva NYC – with only three years in business, Eve NYC is a brand based in Brooklyn with products for hair care. I loved the packaging and fragrance, in addition to the product mix, which includes shampoo, conditioner, mask, oil, spray volume, texture, dry shampoo and other stuff. Not to mention the flat irons, dryers and styling in amazing design! Products are professionals – but affordable! In New York, can you find the line at Ulta, Walgreens and Urban Outfitters.

– Pur Minerals – mineral makeup brand was presenting two new developments that caught my attention. One was the shadow cushion – strong trend coming from Korea, consisting of a container with a sponge which accommodates the product – in metal and beautiful colors. Another is the bat with light and dark base, ideal for contouring.

 – TemptuAir – Temptu is a famous brand among the make up artists – they are from airbrush segment, manufacturing equipment and make-up to be used with this technique. Airbrush technique was something restricted to beauty salons, but now, with the TemptuAir, the most incredible launch at the event, you can use the application technique at home. The gadget was launched a month ago and is already very well commented by the media. It can be used with foundation, blush and highlighter and the result is amazing! I won one! It is being sold to  $195. Temptu has a showroom here in New York – 26 W 17th St.

– Nyx – super famous and affordable brand,  Nyx was presenting the Whipped Lip & Cheek Soufflé, multipurpose product that can be used both on the lips as the cheeks.

– SkinInc – very cool skincare brand that was presenting its line of serums. There is a serum for each specific need – with Vitamin C, with hyaluronic acid, Vitamin A, with ceramides and so on! I found it a very cool concept!

Finally, here is the picture with results of the two-day event – a lot! It’s worth? If you are a fanatic like me, for sure. Even more so, in my case, also won the gadget of Airbrush! But is an afterthought: some booths had huge lines  (such as Make Up For Ever). I missed something more dynamic – panels, lectures, conversations. Maybe for next edition, right? Keep in touch to know about next editions.

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